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I Feel Fine

  Jim Krause

Messing around with some V7-I changes one evening, I discovered that that the riff in the Beatles' hit "I Feel Fine" could be played thumb style. Here is the result. I hope you enjoy it.

Ain't Misbehavin'

  Jim Krause

I always thought this Fats Waller song would make a great thumb style guitar solo. I hope you enjoy it.

Thinkin' of Chet

  Jim Krause

My humble attempt at playing one of Richard Hudson's compositions. I tried to capture the original essence, while adding a little of my own thoughts and feelings to the tune. Thanks go to both Richard for such a fine piece of music, and to our own Taffy for inviting me to submit this recording.

The Heroes Corner


Asylum Street- Asteri Galanos


This is a recording of an overdue assignment at the Hartford Conservatory...that I forgot to turn in in the seventies. Finally finished it just recently. Too late for credit...the school closed. The school was on Asylum was a short walk from my cell to school.☺



Acoustic version, recorded with a Gretsch G 6012 AN



Beautiful song on my Gretsch 6120.

So Damn Happy


I started out to write a nice song. Try to make an easy life. Create some Art. Romance with some truth. When will I make a living that's good?

"Sultans Of Swing" Intro on a Gretsch


Recorded With My 6120 Using Logic ProX & Universal Audio Apollo

" Midnight "


Did This One A While back

Take Me Home


Theme from the film, "Gone to The Poorhouse" by Kim Quintal. Nylon Guitar. Copyright, Asteri Galanos

Sweet Betsy From Pike (for Donald St. Clair Patterson)


My Father liked to play the harmonica when he was in the right mood and I remember him being quite a good musician. This melody is one I especially liked and the alternating 4 bar/3 bar phrasing in this version came naturally from my imperfect memory of the song.

Death Squad Bolero


Artist: Janne Louhivuori Album: Electric Guitar

Twang Gallop


Artist: Janne Louhivuori Album: Electric Guitar

Sea of Love


Instrumental backing track with my 5120 and O'ai tenor ukulele

The Fog


Silver Threads Among the Gold


I read this off of Mel Bay's Modern Guitar 3...

Minimum Wage

  Buddy Mercury

My newest tune, I love hearing things when they're still in their formative stages. Really fun rockabilly.


  Buddy Mercury

Often when my friends get together to drink we just write a song to encourage more drinking.

It's a Sweater

  Buddy Mercury

This is what happens when my band all gets together to write...a really great tune with a latin-ish feel.

The Check Engine Light

  Buddy Mercury

I have a really crappy car, the radio doesn't work so often when I make my commute back and forth to work, I sing to myself.

Red Eye Flight

  Jim Krause

This selection is a rough mix for a CD I'm working on. It started out as a Chuck Berry rocker, then took a turn into a Texas shuffle, and now sounds like a rockabilly song. I hope you like it. The Red Eye Flight was written by me. Your constructive comments are welcome.

White Falcon Boogie

  Nick False

Backing Track for The White Falcon Boogie Challenge. In the Key of A. 153 BPM.

WFB Challenge

  Nick False

The backing track for The White Falcon Boogie Challenge. In the key of A. Tempo is 131 BPM I believe.

And Neither's Love

  Mar Garcia

Another older song of mine I recently re-recorded. Featuring my Green 6118T-LTV.

Pop Star

  Mar Garcia

A re-recording of a song I wrote several years ago. A snarky take on the "Am. Idol"-era of music. I can't remember if the original recording of this was the song I had on one of the old Gretsch Pages compilation CDs or if it was another one. Enjoy. Or not... (c;


  Jim Krause

My attempt at a Chet Atkins tune. Composed by Franz Lehar from the opera The Merry Widow

Joh Barleycorn Must Die


inspired by Traffic, guitar instrumental.



My rendition of the classic "Goldfinger", played on a Gretsch Super Chet. The background music is used with permission. Hope you like.



Used a BR1200 with me doing the voices and playing the instruments. I used a Dan Electro 12 string for the lead riff.

Cloak and Stagger


Spy Surf Song by World Famous Philistines (my band)



Written for Harry Belafonte by Roy Patterson and recorded on Songs From My Father's House by Jacob's Cattle. Gretsch 6118T with TV Jones HT pickups.



From the CD, "Songs From My Father's House" buy Jacob's Cattle. Composed by Roy Patterson. Gretsch 6118T with TV-HT pickups.


  rockabilly holland

me on guitar and double bass a few years back making up a own song



my instrumental take on the Jeff Buckley version of the Leonard Cohen classic. Historic 3161 with TV Jones pickups

Here Comes The Sun


just my whacky take on an all time classic. All parts are with my 3161 with TV Jones pickups.

Bad Soundtrack to 1986 Truck Commercial El Swazzo


I saw an old Chevy commercial one day and kinda liked the feel of the music. This is my approximation of that type of thing. Kinda silly and fun.

The Return Of Lightning El Swazzo


My Rickenbacker 4003 bass, a Fender Strat, and EZ Drummer. Outer Space!

'Cuz Darlin'


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. Scootin'!

Achin' For Bacon


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. Swingin'!

X-Ray Vision


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. Swingin'!



Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. Rippin!

The Bullet Of Booger Ross


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. A song about an old guy in the woods. Swampy!

Something I Could Get Used To


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. Rockin!

Saying Goodbye


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. The guitar used was my Gretsch 6122-1959 SB.

Rise Of The Southern Creeper


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz.

Just A Little Thought


Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. It features a bowed upright bass played by Mike Chavez.

Creamed Corn


Scootin'! Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. The guitar used was my Gretsch 6122-1959 SB.

Driving My Life Away


Recorded live at The Cigar Club on 8/24/2013. Performed by my old band, Loaded 44rz. It's an old Eddie Rabbit song.

Front Yard Smoker


My 6120 SSLVO and a Roland Micro Cube amp. Drums done with EZ Drummer.

One Off Of Third


I never use capos, so I did here. The acoustic is a 1978 Ibanez, the electric is a mid-90's Fender JD Tele.

BigJimSlade- Flat Busted You


A collaboration with BigJimSlade. He wrote it, plays bass, sings lead and background vocals, and played rhythm guitar. I did the drums (with EZ Drummer), played percussion, lead guitar, and mixed the song.

No clue


Do you like a guitar riff, catchy melodies and harmony singing in the chorus? Here's another band demo song from around 2008.

Good news


Song demo of my former band in around 2008.

She got her white boots on


I'm aprt of a songwriting challenge/support group. This is my submission for this month. Only demo level and I'm no lead (or rockabilly) player so please be kind. just wanted to use my new 5129 and I've been listening to more rockabilly type stuff so it went down that route (I hope)

William Randolph's Hearse


Suave death surf punkabilly bop. Gothic Rockabilly Duane Eddy meets Joy Division. It's instrumentally ill, because...there are just no words.

Savage Revenge Of The Chickasaw


Death Punk Surf *A* Billy Twang N'Roll.

The Hypno Eye

  Buddy Mercury

A live recording from one of our live shows. A crowd favorite, people were dancing around and raising glasses (of beer, just to be clear). 11/25/12

"Theme From A Summer Place"


This arrangement of this classic tune is taken from Chet's version, but modified considerably. Done in three keys. The background is provided by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and is used with permission. I was a young boy when this song became a hit and listening to it always takes me back to another time. Hope you like.



Innocent by Born For Bliss

Air In My Lungs


Here's a tune with a Duane inspired guitar riff.

Ghost Riders in the Sky

  Kevin Frye

Recorded in Reaper. Backing tracks done in Finale and sent to Reaper as wav files. Guitar- 1970 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman, connected via M-audio M-track interface to Reaper DAW. COSM modelling of Fender Classic Tweed, digital reverb and external echo added. My first ever add to Gretsch Radio.

Ain't Nobody Like You! - Arte Tedesco


Sometimes you run into somebody you just know will have an impact on your life.

All Of Me - Arte Tedesco


When you've given your soul, what is left to give?



My version of the Beatles classic tune. Starts out a little like Chet's arrangement, but then winds up going on a few different tangents.

Drinkin' On A Saturday Night

  greg erba

Original by Greg Erba, from The Fulltones debut album, "Rock 'n Roll Revival"... available on Itunes. 1956 Gretsch Country Club into a vintage music man 130HD 210 amplifier.

Baby's Calling Me Home

  Stephen Lowery

Don't cover many; but I couldn't resist my Boz & Steve youth...

Epoch of Unlight


Soundtrack with an ominous feel

Time of War


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: 2 a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, 3 a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, 4 a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance, 5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, 6 a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, 7 a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, 8 a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Soft Purple Shade


kinda bluesy

To a Better Place


a little piece for my aunt

Laura's Sweet Tea


kinda country

What You're Doing


Music by Wenzel, bass by an un-named GDP member.

She Just Wants To Rock n Roll


She Just Wants To Rock n Roll by my band Diablogato.



Gasoline by my band Diablogato.

Anna Conda


Rockabilly demo only. All instrumentals by Ray Moretton. Original song composed by and vocal by geoff4jeff (aka jeffed). Demo production by GarageBand. Intention: R.M. to re-record.

Barn Dance

  Kenny Croes

Rivers, Stars and Trains

  Kenny Croes

That Gal

  Kenny Croes

Bicycle Road

  Kenny Croes

Somethin' About You


A simple pop song, written and performed by Frank_NH.

Dancing With Miss Emily


A simple surf tune written by Frank_NH. Drum machine used for drums. All instruments played by Frank_NH. Recorded to Audacity via Yamaha mixer.

Rebel rouser

  ga bu zo meu

recorded with my modified Peavey rockingham. Pickup middle position. Recorded with my POD line 6 2. I use the tremolo included on the pedal.

My Highlander

  Tartan Phantom

From my band's (The Secret Commonwealth) most recent CD, "Last Call". This original tune is a tribute to one of our founding members who passed away in August, 2004. The keyboard/string section-like sound is not a keyboard-- it's my Jag-Tan 125th Anni, played with an E-Bow through an Echoplex.

Trail of The Lonesome Pine

  Tartan Phantom

An original tune from my band, The Secret Commonwealth. This one was a hidden track on our last CD, "Last Call."

She Went to Vegas

  Martin Blad


The Missing Link

  Martin Blad

Slow Surf



Quick scratch instrumental I made recently- wanted a building up vibe across a subtle intro

All Aboard


Quick Scratch Instrumental @ 166 bpm

WHITE NIGHTS n' BLUE LIGHTS - Tavo and the Flat Black Thrillers™

from the album; White Nights n' Blue Lights avail. on Itunes & recorded at Fedora Studio in Nashville. Upright Bass- Geoff Firebaugh, steel guitar- Grant Johnson, T-armond loadedTelecaster & vocals- Tavo Vega. Jeremy Michael Drums & engineering. words & music by Tavo Vega, all rights reserved.

GUT SHOT LOVER - Tavo & The Flat Black Thrillers™

from the album; Surrender at Carters Glen avail. on Itunes & recorded at Fedora Studio in Nashville. Upright Bass- Geoff Firebaugh, Bbender Tele- Grant Johnson, Gretsch guits and vocals- Tavo Vega. Jeremy Michael Drums & engineering. words & music by Tavo Vega, all rights reserved.

Now You Know What It's Like To Be Lonely

  Jim Krause

The first version was lost in the Great Data Base Crash. Here's a better mix, I think.

Hurry Up Tuesday


Different Eyes


Inglewood Train

  andrew staff

Do Right Baby

  andrew staff

Amazing Grace


my twist on a traditional classic. Gretsch 3161 all rhythms and strat on leads

Bad Cat


Gretsch and Esquire. A soundtrack I created for a friends artwork website.

Nobody But You


Original pop song recorded at home.

Work Hard, Play Hard


I wrote this song for a mentorship project. My 8th grade partner loved Linkin Park and wanted to write a song and shoot a video for our project. He came up with the topic and I wrote the song and tried to incorporate a Linkin Park spirit. I recorded it at a friend's studio in 3 hours on April 26, 2014. I tracked 2 guitar tracks to a click, added drums next, played the bass and then sang 2 vocal tracks. It was a fun project!