From its beginning back in 1995, the Gretsch Pages has sought to be the largest, most comprehensive resource on Gretsch guitars anywhere. About five years ago I realized I was going to hit a wall. The site was simply becoming too large and unwieldy for one person to maintain, let alone add much of anything new.

Eventually my prediction hit. Hard. For those who don’t know what goes into the site, let me tell you, there are literally thousands of files involved. Text. Images. Programming stuff. All of it interlinking, interrelated and interwoven. Add to that the huge backlog of ideas, images and information the community has submitted, and I simply couldn’t keep up with everything. Increasingly, one thing became clear: I needed a database.

That was the easy part. Figuring out how to implement a database-driven Gretsch Pages was the hard part. Over the past two years I’ve built, tested, and ultimately discarded at least three different attempts. All of them were simply not going to work, for one reason or another.

Without getting too technical about it, a web framework called Django proved to be the way to go, allowing me to build a Gretsch Pages that offered features that have long been requested, while making the whole thing easy to manage. And with the name Django, it seemed only fitting. It didn’t hurt that the guys that created and maintain Django are some righteous folks, either.

So what you are currently looking at represents the largest project — and the biggest change — in Gretsch Pages history. While I doubt many of you are interested in Django (the framework, not the guitarist), I do hope you’ll enjoy some of the new features, like being able to comment on guitars and amps, list shows, find other Gretsch members on the map and more.

The best part is that we’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done, so if you have an idea for some cool thing, let me know.

If something isn’t working for you, let me know that, too.

A lot of people helped get all this ready and tested, to my great thanks and appreciation. You know who you are, so take a bow. Thanks, guys.

And while I’m at it, thanks to everyone on the Gretsch Pages, past and present, for making the past 10 years so cool, and this project so worth it.


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