Cool New Stuff


A couple of neat new things on the site might be easy to overlook. And they’re well worth taking a peek at…

First up, comments. One of the primary goals was of the site rebuild was allowing more ways for people to interact and build on the collective knowledge of the community. Comments are a key part of that, and you’ll notice that if you’re registered and logged in you can now comment on guitars, amplifiers, this blog post and much more. If there’s something you’d like to comment on but can’t, let me know!

Second, and related, are ratings. As you comment, you can add your ratings to guitars and amps. It’s like our own little Harmony Central, only with people who know what they’re talking about.

The members section is quite expanded, with a map showing all the members, at least the US ones. Hopefully, we’ll be able to map members outside the US soon.

There’s also a member shows section. Here you can post upcoming shows. They’ll turn up on a map, too, if they can be found. Let our Gretsch Pages members know when and where you’ll be playing!

And on their “Edit Profile” page, members can upload a pic of themselves and/or their Gretsch. A slideshow should be coming soon.

Tucked away in the History section you’ll find a new Gretsch Timeline, as well as a new Gretsch memorabilia section. If you have an old catalog or other bit of Gretsch stuff floating around, feel free to send a nice picture or scan!

And one final item that could be too easily overlooked: The Serial Number Dating Chart. JackDaniels put a lot of work into compiling this info, and it shows. Fascinating stuff.

Again, the whole point of revamping everything was to build a better framework moving forward, so if there’s a feature you’d like to see, or even a “You know what would be cool” kind of though, make sure to share it.

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