The Gretsch Pages Dictionary


Reading the Gretsch Pages doesn’t take a secret decoder ring, but sometimes it can feel like it does. Some acronyms and terms you’ll find around here are Gretsch-specific, others relate to technology. Either way, here’s your secret decoder ring…

Acronyms that reference the site itself:

  • GP - The Gretsch Pages
  • GDP - Gretsch Discussion Pages. The term Gretsch Discussion Pages isn’t actually used on the site anymore, but it was for a long time, and old habits die hard
  • GPR - Gretsch Pages Radio - The best place to share and hear songs by the Gretsch Pages community.

Acronyms that refer to Gretsch models or features:

Gretsch pickups are often referred to by acronyms or abbreviations: Filters or FT sub for FilterTron HiLos or HT for HiloTron
* Dynas or DS for DynaSonics.

The guitars are often refererred to by their model number, which is a subject for a lengthy dissertation in itself. Luckily for us, Proteus has already created that lengthy dissertation. Briefly, they usually (but not always) break down like this: CS - Custom Shop DS - DynaSonic FT - FilterTron HT - HiloTron L - Lacquer MY - Malcolm Young SS - Setzer Special T - Tremolo TV - TV Jones V - Vintage
* W - Western

So, a 6120DSW would be a 6120, DynaSonic-equipped, in Western trim.

Bigsby’s are also frequently referred to by their model number. See The Gretsch Guitars tailipieces section for details on those.

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