"Listen to the distinctive refrain of more than 100 years. It's that sound again"
History continued, Gretsch patents, and Fred Gretsch III.
The women of Gretsch, and Gretsch style
Jimmy Webster and the White Falcon
Duke Kramer and "That sound, that feel, that look"
FilterTron pickups explained, and the Tennessee Rose 6119 Tennessee Rose
6120-W 6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody/Nashville
White Falcon models 6136 White Falcon 7593 White Falcon 7594 White Falcon
6122-S Country Classic I/Country Gentleman I 6122 Country Gentleman
About Gretsch Solid body models and the 6128 Duo-Jet 6128 Duo-Jet
Firebird, Silver Jet and Roundup 6121 Roundup 6129 Silver Jet 6131 Jet Firebird
Gretsch Acoustics and the Rancher 6022 Rancher
Gretsch Synchromatics and the 400 400 Synchromatic
Gretsch electric acoustics and the Sun Valley 6010 Sun Valley
Gretsch Crimson Flyer and Nightbird electric acoustics, plus 6175 and 6176 acoustic basses 6175 Acoustic/Electric 6176 Acoustic/Electric 6020 Crimson Flyer 6030 Night Bird