Winter NAMM 2013

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Many of the regulars, and always someone new.

A notable addition to the Gretsch crew this year is Adam Bowden Smith, a British bloke who has recently taken on the Joe Carducci job for Europe. Based in London, Adam is the first Gretsch Product Specialist for that region.

It’s a dream job for him, as he’s been a Gretsch fanatic since long before he took the job. He’s a Gretsch guy through and through, fully up to speed on the instruments and their specs, and engaged with customers and artists.

Joe told me Wednesday that his old friend Mitch Crane would be coming to the show. I know Mitch as a serial Tru-Arc user (up to at least seven bridges by now); GDPers know him as an active member of the forum. What I didn’t know was that he was the senior guitarist (by two years) in Joe’s first band, going back to when Joe was 11. Joe says Mitch was a monster player even at that age - that he taught Joe a lot - and that Mitch has just continued to improve.

The old bandmates hadn’t seen each other for over 30 years, and when Mitch came into the booth today … well, it was a pretty touching scene to see old friends re-connect, and to hear both of them muse about how music has directed their separate paths and now brought them full circle.

It was a pleasure to visit with Joao Erbetta, who has been in town this week for recording sessions at Pete Curry’s studio, but is flying back to Palo Alto tomorrow morning.

For those who haven’t heard Joao - you’re missing a unique talent, and one of the most interesting and innovative instrumental guitarists working today. And working hard today. A native of Sao Paolo, Brazil, Joao has lived mostly in the US since 2007, with stints in Washington DC, New York, and now the Bay area. He’s done solo projects, building up tracks himself in Pro Tools, and has collaborated with an ever-expanding array of artists both here and in Brazil. He never seems to repeat himself, and in the last several years has released solo albums (LA Sessions, from 2010, recorded live in the studio) and several collaborations. He’s currently finishing a guitar-dominated movie soundtrack and taking opera and jazz history classes at Stanford.

While Joao often plays Fendery guitars (luthier-built Zaganin Jazzmaster and Tele among them), he’s also a long-time Gretsch fan, a GDPer, and a friend of Gretsch Guitars. He played in the booth several years ago - and it’s worth looking up those performances. (He played a Billy Bo off the booth wall at that time; now he has his eye on the Dark Cherry Metallic doublecut Jet.)

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This is one of the best parts. Putting faces (and a little insight) to the names! Thank You Tim.

People are the best thing about being here. Thanks Tim

What a great day ! Nice to be in the same place as Joe after 30 years. Some pics of our roots:


Opps. Guess pics are not allowed. Great reporting Tim ! Great to get to meet you, Tavo, Olivia Ann and others.

Suddenly those name cards look kinda funny when you look at them in the large images.

Is Joao wearing a shirt with tiny Canadian leafs on it?

It’s quite a gathering over there. Boy it must be big fun to meet all these people.

Very cool, Tim. Some great shots with cool folks. Man, I’d love to hang with Skunk…!!

that photo of Joe and Mitch is one of the happiest-looking photos i’ve ever seen in my life. :)

Yes, Joao’s shirt had little maple leafs on it. Sorry I missed Skunk’s appearance in the booth. He’s one of my heroes (can you say “Ultimate Spinach?”).

My shirt ended up as an homage to Paul Pigat!

I had a great time with all of you Gretsch nuts over there! Thanks a lot, gang.

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