Winter NAMM 2013

The NAMM 2013 Great Gretschaway Swagfest!


Joe “Whatever It Takes” Carducci is famous for his generosity. In online events past, there have been literally hundreds of giveaway items for trivia answers, drawings, or just on general principle. At Roundups, you have to duck to keep from getting hit by prizes.

We know that it can take months to get prizes delivered. This has to do with the logistics of tracking who won what, getting addresses, formatting them to be printed, then packing and printing and shipping. Sometimes it’s taken a village of people who are already too busy to get the job done. We apologize for that; we don’t promise we’ll do better this time.

It’s just that we get into the spirit of the thing, and swagging away seems like the right thing to do - and then we’re in over our heads. But y’all like it: you like the competition, and the winning, and watching Geoff Vane make a spectacle of himself. You wouldn’t want to miss all that, would you?

Alright then. So here we go again. But I gotta tell you: Joe is outdoing himself in gifting enthusiasm this time. Your ghasts are all going to be flabbered. Wait’ll I tell you!

In honor of Gretsch’s 130th Anniversary, here’s what we have for you from WinterNAMM 2013:

• not one or two or ten, but twenty (20) - 130th Anniversary Custom Shop Man Purses
• 20 - (twenty) brand new DuoJet T-shirts
• 6 - (I say six) button-up DuoJet Players’ Club work shirts (and I want one badly)

But wait - that’s not all!

• How about a new Center Block PANTHER in your choice of color (as long as it’s black or white)?
• And why not follow that up with a new 6128T-DCM Dark Cherry Metallic doublecut Duo Jet?

Can you say “how can I win, huh, how can I win?”

(This is about where I remind you that if you do win, you can’t get all rabid about when you’ll get your win. Some of these products are not in stock for shipping - but just know that our crack team of logisticians and fulfillment professionals [you know, Joe and I] won’t forget you. You’ll be the first to get the product when it’s available.)

How can you win? The usual mix of trivia questions and challenges, and probably a drawing from pools of correct answers for the Big Prizes.

The Swagfest will all happen right here in this update thread - and will start around 10 AM Pacific Time tomorrow morning.

1/25/13, 10:23 AM PT: And we’re off! Challenges will appear in the sidebar. First right (or closest, at judges’ discretion) answer wins. Contests will be administered and updated periodically, though haphazardly.

1/26/13 12:00 AM PT: I had intended to run questions at a reasonably regular rate all day, but my NAMMday got away from me (as happens) - and I couldn’t get on Fender’s WiFi at the booth to do updates.

Now that I’m ready to do some adjudicatin’ and postin’, I’m having technical (or procedural) problems finding and adjudicating answers and starting more questions.

I’m waiting for support from Bax, and since it’s mighty late (especially east of here), it will probably come in the morning. My apologies for the logistical snafus. When we get it working, questions will have to fly fast and furious over the next two days. We got to move these refrigerators! We got to move these colored guitars…

1/26/13 10:13 AM PT: Giveaway admin snafu is fixed, yesterday’s results are listed, and a new challenge is up. More coming throughout the day, I PROmise. Good luck to all!

1/26/13 3:00 PM PT: The win-a-Panther contest is up, and will run till at least 11 PM PT tonight. Winner will be drawn from pool of correct answers.

1/26/13 9:16 PM PT: I could run more challenges tonight, but it’s pretty late on the east coast of the US. What do you guys think? Run’em, or save’m till tomorrow?

1/26/13 11:20 PM PT: And we have a winner for Center Block Falcon: ForwardLook77. Congratulations! I’ll put a few challenges up for the overnight, and be back on duty around 8 AM Pacific Time.

1/27/13 10:16 AM PT: New giveaway challenges will come up over the next couple hours, and - I hope - at least a couple between noon and 6 PM Pacific Time. At that point, the show will be over and I won’t have more content to gather. That will let me finish up most of the giveaways later tonight. The Dark Cherry Metallic Double Jet contest will start around noon, with closing time to be announced.

1/27/13 4:40 PM PT: Actually, the Dark Cherry Double Jet contest didn’t start around noon (I have good excuses). NAMM is officially ending in 20 minutes or so - but on the GDP, NAMM goes on till the content is up and the prizes awarded. After the show, here’s what happens. I get back to the hotel as quickly as possible, eat some füds, then settle down to finish up coverage and get serious about regularly scheduled giveaways. We still have the Dark Cherry Metallic Double Jet, the NAMMtop, and more man purses and Jet shirts - as well as a sizable wad of new Get-a-Brain stickers from Tavo.

And other surprises are possible.

No other distractions tonight: updates and prizes, that’s it. Can you hang with that?

1/27/13 8:15 PM PT: The evening’s (or long night’s) prizifyin’ starts now - with some new prizes:

• 6 - Billy Duffy Falcon keepsake brochures. This is a classy 16-page piece booklet, 5.5x11”, saddle-stitched, with the highest production quality on heavy stock (and that great smell of new ink). It’s stuffed with historical and current images of Billy and his Falcons, accompanied by quotes and an overview of his career.

• 30 - just-issued “Get-a-Brain” stickers from the feverish design studio of Nocturne Brain Galactic Headquarters.

• 1 - 2013 Fred Gretsch Co. pocket calendar, in gray-green leathette with a contrasting brown diamond applique. I get one a pocket calendar from Fred every year - and to the extent I’m organized, it’s his doing.

• 1 - Calico, The Band 4-song EP. The Calico ladies passed it along to the GDP with their compliments. One of you should have it.

1/27/13 11:00 PM PT: I have no responses to a challenge that’s been up for almost an hour, and learn via email that guys are having trouble posting answers.

Under that condition, it would be frustrating to start the Jet contest tonight. We’ll start it tomorrow morning (mid-morning on the right coast), and give everyone on every continent plenty of time to answer a drawing-format challenge.

Meantime, I’ll wake up Bax and have him kick the database.

1/29/13 4:20 PM Eastern Time: I have many entries to win the Dark Cherry doublecut Jet, but there’s room on the internet for more. I’ll accept further entries till 10:00 PM Eastern Time, then do the drawing. (And I’m getting great response to “who belongs on Mt Gretschmore!)

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I’ll take the Eldridge Cleaver signature model.

When will Gretsch release the Grey Panther for us over 50 guys?

I’ve played the panther and it’s one bad ass guitar. Necks like a cross between a ‘59 Gibson and a ‘59 Country Club. Lawrenceville turne to 10, no, yes no feedback.

Ahhh… the Panther! The long lost brother to my DC Black Falcon! :D

Geoff needs another man-purse to round out his wardrode.

If there’s any extra playin’ ability layin’ around the booth, I’d like most to sign up to win that, please.

No, Bob, Geoff needs a couple of Valium at the thought of winning this stuff.

By the way, did anyone tell him that this contest is only open to those in the continental United States? Sorry, no Alaska, Hawaii, OR Europe. Perhaps an exception will be made for Canada since they are kind of junior Americans anyway! LOLOL.

Just get me one of those DuoJet Players work shirts and no one will get hurt. Heck, I’ll give you some answers and you can come up with the questions (be sure to state it in the form of a question or I’ll have to have Alex Trebec disqualify you): 1) Country Club. 2) $120,000, and 3) The older one. Bonus answer: highly-flamed maple, in red.

Tubwompus, if ever there were a place with a sufficiently-large amount of talent such that some could leak out and be absorbed, it’d be a NAMM Show.

Hey Tub, Baxter just announced the 2013 cowtown roundup. Are you in?

Only open to Canadians! Keep looking elsewhere!

Now is that 10am TODAY or tomorrow… hrm.

Hmm … looks like my employer isn’t going to get my undivided attention today. :)

Secret Answer -> Metallic Black Cherry

Flabbered and gasted at all the beautiful stuff in the booth and what is being given away here. Way fun.

The generosity is unheard of anywhere else. However, I would love to have one of those Gretsch work shirts. It might fool folks into thinking that I work.

Such valiums can be carried around in a man purse. It would be only fair if I got one with my condition. Please help me out all.

Curt, the Lawrenceville can’t have been turned up to 10. It would have made the news.

I’ve calculated that there is a 1:753 chance that I’ll win that white Panther. Seems reasonable. Got my books ready, 2G internet pipeline, diapers on against toilet urges, amfetamines (I’m in Holland) & dried survival food + water. Plus special glasses for ultra-fast reading. Bribed some people too. Hotline with Ban Ki Moon; don’t try anything funny y’all.

I’ve made offerings to the Amazon deities for their favor. Don’t try anything or I’ll tell her you said she was fat.

My lips are sealed as regarding to lady-ish fattiness.

Friday, 25 January

10:46:09 a.m

(GMT - 8:00)

You see, I predict Protty will commence quizzin’ in about three to four hours.

Everyone realizes the giveaways have commenced right? Look to the menu bar on the left, under Happenings -> Winter NAMM 2013 -> Giveaways.

I get an error when I submit…

figured it out — has to be THIS page

B4speed Ssshhhhhh! :-)

Hehe, thought about that after opening my mouth!

This is total BS.

I Get the “aww nuts” error when answering from this page, but I get “Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.”

when answering from the Giveaways page.

You won to much and you’re too good at this. I blocked your IP stream. Sorry

Me Too, TP. I guess we either wait for the others to pop up here or missed the boat.

I don’t expect any help from anyone here (the competition!), even though I donate generously to the GDP in many ways…just saying ; )

I was wrong— it doesn’t work in IE either— I submitted a “test” answer of just one word, and it took it. However, when I put in my real answer, it gives me the same crappy “aww nuts” or “403 error” results— doesn’t matter which browser I use.

I can’t believe that you all are so scared of me as to lock my answers out with decoy error pages… :p

You always win exactly the thing I needed. That has to stop of course.

Keep it up buddy, and I’ll just have to post my answers here for everyone to see…

besides, I haven’t won the special 130th edition Gretsch velcro pedalboard fasteners yet. :-)

No that is the answer to life and the entire Universe.

The special 130th edition Gretsch velcro pedalboard fasteners: I need those too but I haven’t got a pedal board yet.

Well then, I guess you’ll just have to settle for the Gretsch 130th anniversary mayonnaise dispenser for your french fries…

That would be cool. Did you see those Gretsch sink holders made out of goat wool? Awesome!

Confidentially, THE item to have would be the Gretsch 130th Anniversary bunion pads and styptic powder, but they are exceedingly rare and difficult to get.

The styptic powder would come in handy for my fret hand.

Geoff, you’re on a roll, babe. Hilarious.

FINALLY! After 20 gazillion attempts, my trivia answer was accepted!

I know it was so late that there’s no way I’ll win, but I think I will at least deserve a Gretsch 130th Anniversary typewriter ribbon for perseverance! ;-)

Peoples, I think Bax fixed the Giveaway Page. You can pour in brilliant answers straight into those little windows now.

Yup, it worked for me just now. Cool beans.

Not that there are any prizes left. I got them all of course.

Geoff, did they send them in a Gretsch 130th Anniversary tyvek envelope, with genuine Gretsch 130th Anniversary American cardboard?

I don’t know yet, because they used a 130th anniversary mailman too…

Could one fit a man salmon into a man purse? Just a thought.

I must admit your last comment made me snort coffee onto the keyboard.

I just found out I didn’t win that man purse: only one was up. I thought all twenty, stupid me. Potshot Vane missed again. Shoot! :-)

It probably was Built4speed but then again he was built for speed.

Geoff is in rare form, well actually he isn’t is he?

Every time I see the “don’t be a jerk” in the reply box I take it personally.

Good luck, guys. Except Geoff, he has waaay too much swag already.

Somehow I don’t understand all this jealous talk. Some GDPers are just more equal/great than others. It’s only natural. And amoebae don’t really have a form.

I thought I was the only one that had “don’t be a jerk” in the typing window.

Hey, winning swag is my hobby and it compensates for the fact I can’t really play yet. So, the totally unfair “No Luck Wish” will be written down in the Tiny Black Book…

Heck, I never win these things. Good luck ya’ll!

Did anyone notice the fine print? It said that if you enter more than once, they you will be disqualified…. :o

I hate the giveaways, mostly because It wouldn’t be right for me to enter, and therefore I can’t win.

Don’t go. Stay right here.

I’m starting to see a annual pattern. Guitars are always up at Euro bed time. Yawn. This race is fixed, I tell ya. Or there is too much fluorine in my drink.

So you could win an axe. Such Panther is quite a prize.

Bax, you are just as eligible as Geoffery or any other GDP member!

Yeah Bax, you must sit in a big dip at our quiz festivities. That is true.

I think we should start a give Baxter stuff thread. I’d donate cash too…

Maybe Bax can’t avoid seeing too much. Make an alias. Cheat! Maybe “Bax (O) not the same guy really”.

I’ve just have joined the giveaway, dont tell me its all over!

Thanks Geoff, good luck for all the guys/gals that have participated. That duo jet shirts are amazing, I guess that i will get one soon!

Geoff, I thought you were going to bed so we can win something…. :o

Normally people don’t believe me. This time it happened. And the box warned me not to be a jerk.

Don’t worry Geoff, i have read your message so I am still here…the only problem I have now is that in my country is 00:16 am.

Hey the same here in Holland. I’m so happy I didn’t chase you of for good. Phew! Lesson one: Don’t listen to Geoff, because he’s a jerk.

Hey Geoff, don’t bust an artery but you’re really going to like the Paul Pigat interview Proteus just did

Thanks, I just busted an artery. Can I see/hear it or should I go to bed? I so wanna enjoy that interview but I guess it’s not online yet?

I will. Thanks El Bonedadderiddo. It’s the most exciting news of the day, even while I don’t know what the exact story will be. :-) I’m awfully tired and will go dream of people winning my guitars and two great men with glasses talking guitars.

Go to the HAPPENINGS section on the left and click on 2013 NAMM. A dropdown will appear and page down.

Or just click here ->

I guess the links aren’t clickable here…. :/


Well darn. I intended to run questions at a reasonably regular rate all day, but my NAMMday got away from me (as happens) - and I couldn’t get on Fender’s WiFi at the booth to do updates.

Now that I’m ready to do some adjudicatin’ and postin’, I’m stuck. I see where many of you answered the first posted question, but I can’t find your answers in the admin section behind the scenes - so I can’t decide winners and get the next question going.

I’m waiting for support from Bax, and since it’s mighty late (especially east of here), I doubt I’ll get this going before morning. Which means that the prizes are going to fly thick and fast tomorrow. That may be OK, since more guys will be off for the weekend and can give Geoff Vane some competition.

My apologies for the logistical snafus (or my forgetfulness of the admin procedures, whichever is to blame).

In the meantime, watch for updates on Friday’s doin’s in Gretschland.

I’m watching you Protness. The Pigat interview would be nice.

If I should win a Panther, I’d be willing to trade with whoever wins the Jet

Giveaway admin snafu is fixed, yesterday’s results are listed, and a new challenge is up. More coming throughout the day, I PROmise. Good luck to all!

I love this time of year :)

Me too,the only thing i don’t like is the time difference !

A murse! A murse! I promise not to harass anyone! Thanks GDP and Gretsch!

I’m hunting the trivia questions. Where is the thread?

Well I just had the opportunity to re-watch the Brooklyn Walking Tour and still don’t know which floor the guitars were made on. But I did learn that the corporate offices were on the 7th floor… :p

Panther contest is up: you’ll have at least 8 hours to get your answer in, then I’ll draw from all the right answers.

I think KuuKOO beat me to the punch for the Panther … Good luck to you, Sir! :)

Oops, that was jmb9900. :) But KuuKOO beat me to the punch on the DJ T-Shirt.

it’s a draw. Good luck to everyone!

Panther contest is up: you’ll have at least 8 hours to get your answer in, then I’ll draw from all the right answers.


I tried… Never one anything in my life haha

Oh cool the Panther winner is drawn from the stack. I’ve been updating the Giveaway page, but it shows the questions way later today. I thought I totally missed out on the Panther question because of that.

As you all can see, something is wrong. I didn’t win a prize yet. Such Panther would correct it all.

Sweet, I got me a kick-ass Duo-Jet shirt, and I get to accessorize with that nifty man purse. I just need a panther to bring it all together!

I could run more challenges tonight, but it’s pretty late on the east coast of the US. What do you guys think? Run’em, or save’m till tomorrow?

For whatever it’s worth, I wouldn’t watch this update for new giveaways. I’d watch the event itself.

Up to you Tim, but when will I know I’ve won the Panther ? ;-)

Panther has been awarded by random drawing of right answers to ForwardLook77! Congratulations - now you just have to pick a color, any color (as long as it’s white or black).

Congrats ForwardLook! So what’s it gonna be? Black or White?! Enjoy..I can’t wait to hear how these sound. And thanks once again Proteus and Joe for taking us with you. Cheers!

For some reason I can’t submit anymore. Or is it all over already?

The Panther has been won - but there are plenty more prizes and another guitar coming tomorrow (or till everything’s been given away).

Never mind. Got it figured out. I think I was at a wrong page or something.

Just beware of the difference between quiz updates on this page and the special giveaway section: they were not in sync. So I’ll be lurking here.

That dark cherry axe looks way cool and it would compensate for not winning the Panther, heheh. :-)

Got a time in mind Prot, for the new quiz? Knowing a time would make my life so much easier. Like being able to get of my chair.

Plus are there even more stories to be published? I wanna read it all. Have you asked about the high res Synchro Club photo?

I have not asked.

I’ll start again around 8, 8:30 AM Pacific Time - 6 hours from now or so.

More content is coming, yes. Pretty pictures and more.

But you can get out of your chair.

Oh cool! My wife will like to see me get up and walk again. My beard has grown to the floor. Be right back!

Damn, I forgot to get out of my chair. I’m still here. Is that healthy?

I’take the black one.. Man, I must be on a lucky streak. I think I am going to pass out.. Thanks everyone

Good luck and congrats with the new axe. You lucky person I must learn to like.

Congrats on the Panther, FL77!

Looks like the same old winners as at every NAMM. Not gonna stay glued to this comp in the possibility of hoping to be in favor.

Congratulations, FL77! Play it in good health!

Joe, several of the contests are based not on being quickest to the answer, but on later drawings from the pool of correct responses.

I’m using’s random number generator to pick the winners. I’ll be happy to detail the protocol I’m using, if you like.

It has nothing to do with favor!

New giveaway challenges will come up over the next couple hours, and - I hope - at least a couple between noon and 6 PM Pacific Time. At that point, the show will be over and I won’t have more content to gather. That will let me finish up most of the giveaways later tonight. The Dark Cherry Metallic Double Jet contest will start around noon, with closing time to be announced.

Congrats to all the winners,i must have been in bed when most of these were going on! Stayed glued to it for 4 hours last night.

Yeah, Geoffery is making me look like a slacker!

True Hermy. I’m at risk of divorce around NAMM time. No time to eat, sleep or whatever… 100% Prize fixation. If I were a genius I’d win way more. My best weapon is perseverance.

Likewise. Ill be divorced and remarried to my man purse.

Within an hour a brand new Top Gear will begin. Carefully click through the add thats block your view; just be patient. Look for the real icon to make it full screen and voila: you got live BBC2.

The start of Top Grear is the start of the Cherry Top quiz. There could be an advantage for you all.

There seem to be quite a few models not on display. It looks like there are about 60 guitars on display in the booth, only a couple of which are lefties. The website has 110 models.

Top Gear started. The new Pagani is out.

The new Pagani has aerodynamic flaps to keep it on the road when you corner it sliding.

The Pagani is now the fastest tested production car on the Top Gear track.

There is a new Bentley; the fastest ever build. 0 to 60 in 4 seconds: quite fast for a flying cathedral.

O wow, Paul and Linda on the update site. Way to go Protty.

Now back to the Bentley: it’s tested on a rally track. Really…

Why a Bentley needs to accelerate at that rate is quite beyond me. Unless you’re embarrassed to be seen in it, or using it as a getaway vehicle after a bank heist.

Hey, if you need a Bentey AND a sportscar, you now can have both in rolled into one.

I’m now watching the smallest car in the world and downloading the new Paul and Lynda material.

What ? I have never one a guitar in these contests Joe Hilo-tron..

Got that right, FL. You just were mighty fast. Won fair and square. And I didn’t win everything, so that also proves the statement is wrong.

The guitar winner was chosen with a random number generator from all the names in the ‘pot’. Much like when they shake someone’s guitar pick from out of an f-hole. So being faster had no bearing on it at all.

Ah yes, it’s totally true. I forgot. It is a quiz-friendly way to do it. And if it were not the case, I’d still say he won it. Everyone can participate and I never seen him win a guitar.

I have never won a guitar either even tho I try hard…. :p

In the midst of good humour, and extraordinary generosity, it was an unfortunately sour comment, and should just be ignored.

What you think of me? I tried until I got all dizzy of sleep attacks, back ache from sitting for days and staring at that brownish GDP screen. And nobody cares, that is the hardest part.

Ten minutes encounting. Or I’ll need to find a new wife.

I like sour losers. I’m the sourest myself. I like grumpy; ask Grumpy. (where is he btw) Every year I notice people think of tricks to keep me from winning prizes. Like creating impossible questions or invoking error screens to chase me away. So it’s only fair this cherry axe is handed to me. No?

alternate and change the colorstyle between the light and the dark. :p

Use a tabbed browser to order in food, drink, and eyebaths.

Haha! Create artificial GDP day and night. Good idea. I feel like a Russian dissident in isolation; it’s just that nobody pumped gasoline into my gut.

No honestly, this is a three day holiday to me and I don’t wanna miss a second.

NAMM 2013 has been VERY good for me. I got mentioned in text and video by the two heroes I admire the most: Protty and Pauly. Some favor I owed someone has been solved and I may even have won a prize. But have you seen those Proteus reports? He’s so back into shape. That alone is great, but all the new things that came out are absolutely brilliant. I just love the NAMM surprises. It’s like NASA finding new planets but then mixed with actual fun.

I love that new * Metallic Black Cherry*. It would look great on my G5135 Corvette!

testing to see if the page is updating correctly.

It’s like NASA finding new planets but then mixed with actual fun.”

that’s beautiful.

Couldn’t keep up with prizes or posts today, as I was gathering new material (and you’ll like it).

Show ends in 15 minutes, and already the fork trucks are rolling through the halls and the plastic is down over the carpet as preparations are made for a quick tear-down.

However, on the GDP, NAMM goes on till the content is up and the prizes awarded.

After the show, here’s what happens. I get back to the hotel as quickly as possible, eat some füds, then settle down to finish up coverage and get serious about regularly scheduled giveaways. We still have the Dark Cherry Metallic Double Jet, the NAMMtop, and more man purses and Jet shirts - as well as a sizable wad of new Get-a-Brain stickers from Tavo.

And other surprises are possible. So stick around!

Geoff, man, you’re making me blush.

Cool shirt, Kuz. I want one. I got a man-bag. I guess I need to shop for some man-pumps.

I guess I need to shop for some man-pumps.

I just about lost all my grape juice through my nose when I read that!

Sorry Hermitt. I owe you a snootful.

That’s OK, I had Rango here to clean up!

The evening’s (or long night’s) prizifyin’ starts now - with some new prizes just listed.

I’ll be listing prize-fights on a regular basis - shooting for every 20 minutes or so. (Unless a bunch of you tell me you’d rather we wait for a few till tomorrow morning, or even later in the week.)

Man pumps? Isn’t that what cowboy boots are for the most part?

Well, if I stay up much longer I’ll have to find a divorce lawyer.

The later the better for Geoff!

Keep them prizes a comin’ :-)

UG, now I know better than that. Your distaff half is awfully supportive of your Gretsch condition!

awww, poop. i forgot to add the date for the signature model Double Jet.

I’ve been trying my man salmon pumps. God, I look delicious. I could use a purse to match them too.

Check it out!

i’m out…it’s quarter past 12 here and i can’t keep my eyes open. the likelihood of me winning the Jet is kind of infinitesimal anyway. perhaps i’ll be able to enter in the morning. otherwise, good luck, all.

WooHoo…. I won a Jet T-shirt! :D

Oh… and the GDP database also says 1996. :)

Congrats Herm. You’re gonna look even more handsome now.

I’m told guys are having trouble posting answers; I have no responses to the last question yet.

It would be frustrating to start the Jet contest tonight. We’ll start it tomorrow morning (mid-morning on the right coast), and give everyone on every continent plenty of time to answer a drawing-format challenge.

Meantime, I’ll wake up Bax and have him kick the database.

Woo hoo! Man purse! At last, somewhere to keep my excess testosterone!

Can you tell me a pacific time? And how many hours from now? I’m easily dazzled.

I see no new question btw. Only closed questions.

Correction - I have ONE response. Knock-knock, has everyone nodded out on me?

No luck for me yet.

The question just showed up on this page. On the other quiz page, I get the 403 error when I tried to answer.

Night and good luck everyone! Thanks for all the fun Proteus!

I pressed F5 several times but way after Prot said there were no answers, the window appeared on this page. Bad luck in Holland.

Gretsch developed the Synchromatic-series archtop guitars in the 1939 for display at the New York World’s Fair.

Yeah, there is a little bit of lag happening here too.

I can’t answer, but I know it Calico thingy

Can’t answer on the ‘Giveaway’ page, and the questions aren’t showing up here yet….

The same here. I’m going to break the rules:

Six string banjo, Roots Collection New Yorker mandolin, Roots Bobtail resonator.


Sorry but quizzing this hard made me grumpy. If the window is working this slow over here, I can’t possibly compete. When it appears, I see at least six answers have been submitted already.

I can’t get past the ‘forbidden’ 403 error on the Giveaway page….

I even cleared my cookies and browser data and re-signed in…

My action was uncalled for. Sorry about that.

that’s alright, I can’t find any info on the Gretsch House Telegram either… only where to buy back copies up to 2007.

welp… time to turn in for me too… it’s already past 1am and I have to get up in 5 hrs to take the kids to the bus stop in the mornin…

nite Geoffery.

Goodnight Hermitt. It was great hanging out with you again. And with all of you other GDP lurkers out there too of course.

I lost myself. I flew of the handle.

Please think of a new question for the CD.

Sorry Prot. I wasn’t sportsman-like at all. Hope you can forget about it.

I’m off to work. Maybe I’ll see some of you in between briefly.

Yeah, something weird going on. I’m sure Bax is sleeping, as we all should be.

I expect I’ll have a response from Bax in the morning. My flight out is at 10:30 AM Pacific Time tomorrow morning - which will give me till an hour so, 8 - 9, to post a couple (if the contest engine is working) - and get the Jet contest going.

Reconvene in 7 hours or so?

I’ll be patiently waiting!

I’ve won my lot so I’m out for th rest o the contests. Good luck to one and all!

Thanks Proteus for all you do and glad to see you out and about and down to your fightin’ weight,

And thanks to Joe C. for ponying-up all the swag!

Congrats to all of you winners. The wife wanted to go out of town so I missed all of the fun, again. :-(

don’t worry Suprdave, there’s still more giveaways coming, including the new double jet.

Is there any of the workshirts left? I haven’t been following close enough this year. I’d settle for the Double Jet if they’re all gone though!

It looks like there are 2 Duo Jet work shirts left so don’t worry Ripley, I’ll take the Double Jet!

If I already won a duo jet T shirt, then take the second winner and the third. I thought it was a club shirt.

I’m gassin’ for a Club shirt.

Cool! I will keep my eyes open.

I already won my lot, but i decided to try on the duo jet giveaway. If by chance i win the guitar i will be moooooore than happy to pass my other prizes to the fellows after me! Great Big Thanks to Proteus, Joe Carducci, and Tim Baxter!!!. Is the first time in my life that i win at something, i always had bad luck on things like this!!

My Uncle Ronny would look great on that mountainside, but like me he never played either.

I guess someone didn’t catch Proteus’ statement: ” There’s no point in answering more than once, as it won’t increase your chances.”

Who’s double then? I can’t find the name…

None has about a dozen entries that I can see. Guess he REALLY want’s that guitar eh ? ;-)


Here’s the pattern: if you go a period or a space over 200 characters in the entry field, anything beyond 200 characters is truncated, and you create a “none” entry.

I assume y’all what’s exceeding the limit (hey, I’ve done it…) are getting an error message, because there are often several identical “nones” in a row, then finally an almost-identical entry edited to be fewer than 200 characters, and it appears with the member’s name.

So until Bax fixes (for Fix baxes it), just don’t go over 200 characters. K?

Ahh… and here I thought ‘None’ was an actual member. Thanks for the clarification.

Hey Tim, the new question… are you asking how many UNITS produced, or models ?

How many MODELS. We wouldn’t know units. I’ll change the wording to clarify it.

Well I’ll be Jerry Seinfeld’s uncle Morty, I won a MURSE!!!

Now that’s styling!

Have to go catch up on all the coverage — wish I had been there!

Thanks Tim. I thought it was kinda like one of those ‘how many jelly beans would it take to fill up 1200 Country Clubs’… our ‘best guess’ closest to the real number won ! Whew.

To me, this was the hardest question to get right, I’ve ever seen on this quiz. I learned a lot along the way. I had to dig into 5 sites or so and do a lot of reading.

Hey…you guys ready for me to pick the guitar winner, or are there any more entries? I have about 80 entries - is that it?

AND LOOK - if you type over 200 characters, I won’t get all your answer, and you’ll probably turn into “none.”

Who’s present besides P, MC and GV? Show yourselves, dark lurkers.

Ah Grumps. I really missed you this year. I almost felt flawless. Do something.

I shall. I’m gonna win a 6128. I’ve been using the computer less lately but I’m back. Here’s Johnny!

Hey UG, what was the verdict on your sparkle jet top?

Smack. There ya have it. Right in the face and it does feel good. It’s a tradition. And a nice one. You have a favorite jettish something already. I think this one is mine.

I’m going to let Curt fix it. I’m not messing with it. I like it too much to screw it up. When he’s done with my Hag he’ll fix the Jet.

But, Geoff, red is my favorite color. It shall be mine! :)

Red is your favorite color? Such a girl. Come on.

1:68 How can I not win?

It’s as much as the chance for having Down syndrome. I’m not gonna make jokes about that. But y’all know in which direction it could bend in the heat of the battle.

It’s also the odds of flopping a straight draw and a pair with two connectors. That sounds more exciting. I could do that. But I don’t know what it is.

Ahh, but “not a Space Control” is my favourite kind of bridge.

Not a Space Control: are you anti-NASA?

Sandy, for a moment I thought your avatar showed a naked man with a guitar and a cuppa decaf…

Grumps, I see red hanging on yer wall. Forget about this one.

The chances of you not winning are 67:68.

How am I supposed to not be a jerk? Impossible!

them’s good odds ) fingers crossed one of us serial lurkers wins….. Thanks for all the work Tims!

That was fast, Geoff.

WIn win win. I’m on a luck streak. I can smell it. The air is full of luck streakers.

I may miss some of this. My basement is about to flood. Good luck!

Yihaa! This is the first time, I actually knew the answer to a Gretsch Quiz Question. All the others took rediculously fast research.

Thanks Grumps! I really like Billy Duffy (see my fantastic prize cabinet) so I think it’s almost a fair and square win.

But darn, what are the chances of winning three times in a row? I need the Cherry and the Top too… AAAAAH!

That one went sailing way over my head.

Sorry about your basement Grump. I like to irritate you but this ain’t funny. Run. Think of something.

Prot are you there? I think I won two T-shirts. If so, pass the last one to the third winner. I thought it was a club shirt. Or else just throw it back into the pool.

Geoff, I’m used to it. Still working on the house and finding new leaks when it rains hard. No emergency. I’ll be back.

Yikes! Hope everything goes OK, Grumps.

Put your finger in the dyke. We do it all the time in Holland. You better learn to love it.

I guy here made his cellar ultra water proof when he built it. Now comes the funny part: a flood made his house float and pop out of the ground…

She Sells Sanctuary” is a song by the English rock band The Cult. Billy Duffy, womens vending something, all interconnected.

Ah… I know they did ‘Fire Woman’, but I only know those two words of it too….. :/

This is how I prepare for NAMM Quizzeses. Here is one i made earlier:

Ha, I thought that story was going to end with the first floor flooding into the basement and not being able to get the water out. Floating is even better. Dose crazy dutch.

It’s good Proteus isn’t building up the tension beyond unbearable. That would be bad.

I just don’t wan’t to see: Congratulations FluffyBagel56, although we never ever heard of you, please take this great guitar you won accidently.

I can’t have that.

well, I probably don’t need to keep checking in. If I win, I’m sure that I’ll be able to hear Geoff cursing at me on the wind.

Dell and the Hevill. Still no manly purse. What are my homies gonna say when I don’t win a bag for totin’ round, tsk tsk.

I heard about you Scott. You may win. Once. Something else.

Hell yeah. It’s late here. 23:51

I’ve been quizzin 75 hrs or so.

If you’ve been quizzing for 75 hours, dare I ask where you’ve been whizzing?

Next year, they can just give it to whoever ‘wants it the most’ :) Seriously guys, it’s me. I want it the most….

Quizzers the new adult diaper from the makers of Depends.

Exactly! It’s those. I’m surrounded by pizza boxes and filled diapers.

I don’t know which sounds worse, the area around your computer, or the thought of a British-made pizza. Do they boil them?

No, they just pee over some circular cut newspapers. Presto!

I don’t think you nor Mac had the wrong answer. So I just had to be awake. Pity.

I guess it’s Green to recycle beer like that.

No it’s just how far English cuisine goes. But I live in Holland. We bake space pizzas. Far out man.

Is it the kind of pizza that would be illegal in 32 of our states?

Outrageous slur on British cooking! We take a sponge cake, soak it in vegetable oil, smear some tomato puree on the top, then deep-fry it.

Not that you deserve in on that recipe.

I have to quit. Time is up. Wife is angry and me job is waiting in the morning. Bleh.

Goodbye my friends.

Win me a purse so I can carry my manly things around. Kisses!

Why don’t the English make computers?

After decades of research, they still can’t find a way to have them leak oil.

My friend and I are convinced the British Empire started in a quest for decent food. ;p

Congratulations FluffyBagel56, although we never ever heard of you, please take this great guitar!

No-no. Bad joke. What Geoff didn’t want to hear.

Tim, I was going to post that and decided against it. Glad you did it though. Nice laugh.

So until Bax fixes (for Fix baxes it)”

or better yet, Bix will fax it LOL

jeez, cauld we get to the inevitable-dissapointment-from-not-winning-the Jet part? all this keeping up hope is exhausting.

Hey, just won a Duo-Jet T-Shrit ! Previews of coming attractions I hope ! ;-)

Last batch of questions going up now - everything will be over at 10:00 PM ET.

My phone made spell check for Joe Carducci into Joe cardiac… I sent a correcting response… I love these!! Thanks!

Ding ding, yessir.

The polls have closed for the DCM Jet and the NAMM Gretschtop - but remain open for the other questions for the moment.

It will take me 15-30 minutes to tabulate the winner business…so we’ll meet back here around 10:30, OK?

Joe Cardiac” because he’s in our hearts :D

And are y’all READY????

NAMM Gretschtop winner coming right up…

Got 2 Duo-Jet shirts now… one for each cut-away ??!!!

All done.. How exciting. Thanks Tim for you hard work and Joe C / FMIC for all the loot !

Congrats to the winners of the top and Jet. One of each shirt and a murse, I did well.

That’s what I said when I won the Jumbo last year.

big congrats! enjoy your Really New Guitar :D

@Mitch C. “Got 2 Duo-Jet shirts now… one for each cut-away ??!!!”

apparently i’ve got two murses…wanna swap the spares?

Congrats on the DJ, Itchin For Gretschin! Enjoy!

Congrats to all the winners!

Thanks again, Proteus and Joe C.!

@macphisto… going to get one of them for the wife (maybe). I don’t have the pumps to go with the purse anyway ;-)

Great fun eh ?

well I’ll try and write a quick post here to express my gratitude, but it’ll have to be short ‘cause my arms are tired from doing cartwheels here at home.

HUGE thank you to Joe, both the Tims and of course to Gretsch - I’m totally stunned.

Aw heck, thanks to ALL of you guys on the GDP for making this place such an enjoyable place to visit. (Hope you all don’t mind that I didn’t put Chet on my Mount Gretschmore - I never thought my answer would see the light of day and would be subject to potential scrutiny!)

Now to somehow sleep…

Naw, sleep isn’t happening for a while. Where are the emoticons when you really need them??

Hey- I won something! Kewlness!

Thanx, Proteus!

I can hear it now… “no, Honey.. REALLY… I WON it !!”

Itchin’, I’m fairly envious. The more I looked at that guitar over 5 days, the more I liked it. Everything about it. (Except the bridge, of course!)

Somehow that deep, morphing, mysterious color is just right on the doublecut shape. It looks both sexy and serious.

You got yourself the newest new Gretsch there - and I’m right pleased for you!

Thanks guys!

Ha, Mitch - I was going to wake my wife up and do just that, but she’s got a class to go to early in the morning and I didn’t want to disturb her. I hugged the cat instead, who was a good stand in for the moment.

I did put a note on the door, though so she’ll know about it when she leaves in the a.m. - must share the good news!

Thanks a lot Tim! I must agree with all you said except I didn’t have to look at it for five days to realize that it is just right :)

A lot of great swag! Congratulations to all the winners! Sorry you didn’t win the guitar Geoffery. I love that dark black cherry metallic. I might have to take my ‘Vette apart and paint it that color.

Congratulations Itchin For Gretschin. Good thing your name isn’t FluffyBagel56. I actually heard of you so that is a big relief. But don’t change your name into FluffyBagel56. Have fun with Cherry and tell us if she tastes like that too.

Man I had such good laughs reading all this again. Prot, I knew you were gonna type that bt I still had to laugh. I’m especially proud of winning with an alternative Peggy. At least it proves I read myself dizzy this NAMM. Not for winning actually. I just like them reports; reading it feels like an adventurous vacation.

Not winning the top is very strange. It will take days to get over that. I found 26 models. I’ll let Bax explain what I did wrong. I still congratulate Rex for winning the top. He ain’t FluffyBagel56 either. If you ever don’t need it, I’ll keep it in my vault for ya.

Don’t feel sorry for me Hermitt. Or else I have to feel sorry you didn’t win too. I had my share of luck. Just the Club shirt…

You all can prepare for photos of Geoff Vane sporting a man purse in the most gallant way. I just know y’all wanna see that.

For now, a deep thank you to Gretsch, GDP members and the community Masters who worked so hard. Thanks Protty, Baxus and Joe.

Well said, Geoff, and heartilly seconded. This has been great fun.

Thanks for the competion! Two prizes for me, a calender and a man purse!

(“Man purse”… Are we a bit uncertain of our gender…. Like with pink called “man salmon”)

Mentioned elsewhere, but if you won, please be sure to go to your profile and be sure your address info is up-to-date. We’re not going to show your street address anywhere, but it makes shipping things a lot easier.


Sweet! I actually won a tee-shirt. XL please.

Thanks Geoff Vane for bowing out.

Congratulations Itchin,that is a sweet lookin Jet!

Seems i twas in the land of nod again last night!

Well it looks like i’ll be buying the shirts then,i never thought i’d hear myself say this but ,thank god for ebay! ;o)

Anybody got pics of that pocket calendar ?

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to Joe, Tim, Bax and Gretsch.

Congrats Itchin, that’s a sweet looking Jet!!

Going to update my address…

For my T, I’ll fit into an XL just dandy!

Are the T’s all the same size? Smaller the better for me as I’ll give it to my nephew, so S or M if we get a choice. Thanks again, great year for forum swag!

Just wondering who is going to be contacting the winners for addresses, shirt sizes etc ? I’ve won 2 T-shirts and not that I’m in need of them.. just wondering.. as it was indicated ‘you will be contacted shortly… etc” ? No contact to me yet ? Others ?

Bax and I are working on an efficient mechanism to compile the shirt sizes. Email is probably not it.

(Rather, Bax is working on it. I’m just encouraging him.)

We haven’t forgotten.

Maybe he can just add the field to our profiles so that we can just put in the shirt size that we normally use. Along with current address info and all, you know.

Just wondering…has anyone received their prizes yet ?

Oh, no, is this gonna happen again? :-D

I am sure that the prize fulfillment department is hard at work filling these winnings. Maybe even as we speak!

Did the winners ever get contacted or it this still on that big old to-do list? Just a wondering…

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