Winter NAMM 2013

Billy Duffy: Another Falcon comes home to roost.


Long-anticipated, long-rumored, the Billy Duffy Falcon is of course now a reality. It seems less over-the-top than your usual Falcon (if there is such a thing): elegant, even understated. But we know it rocks. And check out all the Baldwin 70s-accurate features: the body contours, aluminum G-arrow knobs, Bigsby with bent-wire arm, chrome pickup bezels, block fret inlays, small f-holes, bridge base shape, headstock profile, square-button tuners. There’s no mistaking it for anything else. The pickups are hot overwound black-top Filtertrons: 70s Falcon done in a rockin’ Duffy way. Under the hood, parallel spruce tone bars and a sound post - this baby has got to be lively! Billy’s original, of course, had gold hardware and binding - but the binding had faded and the plating worn, and he thought chrome best captured its vibe. The guitar comes with a grey speckled Billy Duffy case, and you get his signature on the chrome truss rod cover. Billy was in the booth last night, charming everyone he met. I haven’t had the pleasure yet - but I hope to get his autograph on this year’s signature tops, and maybe talk to him a bit about his new model. We know he loves it - check out his comments and quotes at More and better pics coming later. View all comments
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