Winter NAMM 2012

Win these guitars!


Five new Gretsch flattops have just been introduced here at the show, and are in stock and ready to ship. Joe says one of each model is up for grabs here. That action will happen here in this update (though I don’t know exactly what the drill will be). Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, meet your prospective dates. • First, there’s the lovely little round-shouldered Rancher Folk, retail-priced at 360.00. • Then the concert-sized Rancher Orchestra, retail 400.00. • Next, the Rancher Jr Cutaway, at 550.00, • the Rancher Dreadnaught at 525.00, and finally • the big, bold, none-more-orange Rancher Jumbo Cutaway, at 700.00. Details on specs and contest format to follow. But not for 7 or 8 hours, anyway. Edit: As Proteus mentioned, due to concerns about the first question, we’ve had to reboot things. View all comments
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