Winter NAMM 2012

Win these guitars!


Five new Gretsch flattops have just been introduced here at the show, and are in stock and ready to ship. Joe says one of each model is up for grabs here.

That action will happen here in this update (though I don’t know exactly what the drill will be). Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, meet your prospective dates.

• First, there’s the lovely little round-shouldered Rancher Folk, retail-priced at 360.00.
• Then the concert-sized Rancher Orchestra, retail 400.00.
• Next, the Rancher Jr Cutaway, at 550.00,
• the Rancher Dreadnaught at 525.00, and finally
• the big, bold, none-more-orange Rancher Jumbo Cutaway, at 700.00.

Details on specs and contest format to follow. But not for 7 or 8 hours, anyway.

Edit: As Proteus mentioned, due to concerns about the first question, we’ve had to reboot things.

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You’ve got me on the edge with excitement !!!

I’d be happy with any of them, but I’m really gunning for the Jumbo. I just hope I’m paying attention when the games begin.

The Dreadnaught has got my vote! It might even have my fingerprints all over it shortly.

I wonder what games Tim has in store? I’m looking forward to them.

Sorry folks, I won them all. We forgot to tell ya. Please, move along, nothing to see here. These are not the guitars you are looking for…

I just posted the first contest question - but so far as I know, we DON’T have any answers recorded yet. How could we? Bax??


Somehow I’ve got to go to sleep. The quiz will continue another time.

These Aw-Nuts kinda taste verrrry bitter, can I has Peanutz puleeze?

Posted an answer and my name appeared twice.

Yer lucky! I haven’t been able to post an answer.

I got an “aw nuts” page as well— it read as follows: “Aww, Nuts—just make it easy and send the guitar straight to Tartan Phantom!”

I went for the back office answering method, as I’m not gonna sit back and lose of course… That Dread is mine.

I hereby declare being first to give the correct answer for the Rancher Orchestra Giveaway question, which is “Aw, Nuts”. ;-)

Umm… it first appeared on the first Gretsch Rancher of coursed! :-P

Here’s a clue (although it’s probably too late)

The answer is in the history section, although probably not where you’d expect.

If I win more than one guitar, I’ll return every model back into the pool when the Dreadnaught is mine. See what a good sport I am! :-)

The judges have discovered discrepancies in the source material used for verification of the answer, so the contest for this guitar will be rebooted with a new question.

I expect that to happen sometime this afternoon, perhaps during a layover during my flight home. Stay tuned…

Weird, it just said I won, that kind of thing doesn’t happen to me.

They go to such lengths to prevent me from winning. It’s incredible.

I got “Congatulations, you will be contacted shortly for mailing information.”

That’s what it says on my screen too UncleGrumpy, I wonder if it’s a “Congratulations…for playing” or did we just win? WHO KNOWS!

I doubt I won, I never win anything, I suspect the page has gone astray.

Yeah, strange things are afoot at the rockin’ G.

I got the Congrats to, maybe we all won? Heh, heh…

As Proteus mentioned, there were some problems with the previous question, both in terms of the reliability of the source material, and on the technical side. So we’ve rebooted with a fresh question.

Thanks to all involved with setting this up. It’s fun.

I can’t believe I was the second one to answer that. That’s fast for me. I’m on fire!

great, so we replaced it with a question i can’t answer, awesome.

Is this an easy question, because the word “had” seems to make it more difficult. At least, for me.

I think I may have gotten this one right. Stranger things have happened.

I finally got it right, but if you’re not old or if you’re European, it’s a difficult question.

I’m not old, just a big fan of Christmas music and Gretsch guitars.

You still dream in black and white so you’re old…

Sometimes I have to adjust the vetical hold….

So being neither European nor old, pretty much has me boned.

I have to leave 2 go 2 a fb playoff party… :( Unc and Geoff, U guys R gonna have to cover for me.

Okay Hermitt, if you win I’ll send them my address.

No don’t break a leg: thought you had to play.

Burl Ives had a signature Gretsch?

The answer thingy is up there darling.

GDP Challenge!

For one Roots Collection Rancher Folk, we asked: Which artist best known for a Christmas song had a signature Gretsch? ?UncleGrumpy said: “Burle Ives”.

Congratulations, UncleGrumpy. You will be contacted shortly for mailing info.

Hey guys, don’t mess with me, what are you looking at? I never win.

I’m not seeing that Hermitt. I’m ready for a happy happy joy joy dance though.

Maybe it’s only showing up on the test site? Honestly Unc, I’d never mess with ya, unless…. It’d be ‘not wise’ to mess with Unc grumpy the Bulldog!

Congratulations John!

Wow! Just when my old acoustic decides to break. Wow!

Hey John, I sent you an email with a screenshot.

Damn, talk about your ups and downs….poor Unc…

I’ll believe it when I see it. I never win stuff like this.

You won alright! You Gad durn won, you Grumper! Congrats! YOU WON!

Rats…. mama says its time to leave now. Catch U guys all later tonight.

I checked. You won. The testpage says so.

How do ya get to this test page? CONGRATS GRUMP!

You have to be a beta tester. There is no extra advantage during the quiz. It’s just that the line who won popped up there, and not on the regular site yet…

I don’t know UG. What does it mean if it is on the test page but not on the real page……….

Thanks Geoff

See here for info about the Test page that is meantioned above:

Yes, do it. I kid u not. The test site says so. If that is a fluke, I think you ought to get a guitar anyway. How wrong can it be? Only Bax can say 100% but I say 80% yes.

I’ll wait until I see it here. If I do you will hear me holler because I really need a new acoustic.

Just mail Bax. He must be there behind the curtain…

s true.

I just don’t know why this page is being stubborn about it.

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! Thanks! I think I’m gonna cry, really, I needed this so bad. Thanks.

Geoff wrote “Cry, you bad ass marine!”

….and film it for us all to see :-D

Great work UG!!

It’s cool to win something that you actually need. Thanks Joe! Thanks Baxter! Thanks Tim! Wow.

Big sloppy kiss Grump. I so want you to win this, a bit.

Congratulations, that is an awesome win

I’m not feeling so bad ass right now. Humble is more like it. I’m crying like a little girl. I gotta get another guitar hanger for the wall.

We really ARE living in the future: here’s Bax and I coordinating via email to give away a guitar while he’s on the ground in Kansas City, and I’m at 30,000 feet.

Let’s move right along; the next win-a-guitar will be posted in about 15 minutes.

In the meantime, whyn’t y’all run through some choruses of Frosty the Snowman in your heads?

My Favorite was “Silver and Gold”

Ahoooooooo! Ahooooooo!

Hahaha! Come on, let it all out. You can be metro. Just go with the flow. Rain from your eyes…

Congrats, UG!!! Sweet!

I can do one more quiz question and then it’s euro bed time!

24:00 Paris = 17:00 GDP time

For the Dreadnaught, what is Geoff’s name?

I’m gonna stick around. If I win another one I’ll give one to Hermitt.

If I win two more I’ll give one to Geoff as well.

Haha! I only want the Dread bad, or the Concert / Jumbo as a second love.

C’mon Bax/Protty. I on the brink of the bedroom here…

Yup, that Jumbo looks great. I bet that the Folk is built better than most guitars in it’s price range though. I know I’ll be more than happy.

I hear ya Geoff, I’m down in Spain at the moment. Not that I mind waiting……

I love the looks of the Dread but the Jumb would fit my tree ape arm length very well.

It’s a Protty 15 minutes. He’s very well known for having his own relative time system. In fact, he can not only bend bridges, he bends time too. The only thing bending here is my laptop crooked spine…

The Jumbo looks like it has a big sound. I’m still in shock. I hope I’m not being a bad winner, I’m just very happy.

Don’t worry Geoff, I’l be playing for you and Hermitt.

Maybe you can trade with the Jumb winner? Everything is still possible. If I win two, you can have the Jumb, give Hermitt the Folk and I’ll have the Dread. How honest!

Maybe I’m not greedy enough… Where’s that next question! Hey! :-D

As always, it has been a blast. I live for this! NAMM is just awesome. GDP is just awesome. Grumps, enjoy it my good man. Good luck to y’all! Bye!

There’s more rounds coming up? This student sure could use an acoustic..

They are giving away one of each I think.

Congrats Uncle Grumpy, apparently, I won a poster.

The neck just came off my acoustic and my wife and I were talking about saving up for a new one just yesterday.

Be assured that if I ever find that I can’t use this rancher anymore it will go to a GDP member who could use it. It will never be sold, I’ll just pass it along. But for now I can really use it.

New guitar contest up.

thanks. submitted an amended answer, probably doesn’t count :0

Heh. Ya’ll can blame me for this devilish question.

Congratulations, UncleGrumpy!

with UncleGrumpy winning with the answer Burl Ives, I don’t think answering correctly matters.

Burl had a signature Gretsch in the 1950’s.

there was no googling that answer, i should know ;p

Yep, he sure did have one

Yes. Burl lent his name to the 6004 back in the 50s. Ya had to know it would be acoustic-related, right?

Most of the other common answers were signature artists that may have done christmas songs, but I think it’s safe to say they’re not BEST known for them.

kuzinov, I found this too late:

Burl Ives 6004 Flat top. Collectibility Rating: D-. 1952 Burl Ives introduction specs: 14 1/4” wide, round sound hole, mahagany back and sides, teardrop pickguard, double bound top, single bound back, 9 ply soundhole ring, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, T-roof logo with “Burl Ives” on peghead and inside label, natural finish.

1955 discontinued.

It may have been the 1960’s. I grew up listening to his Christmas songs. I guess I’m old.

I type slow. I think there may have also been a Burl Ives junior model.

Good things happen to good people, John. I am thrilled for you.

Bear, I’m enjoying a cold one in a nice Gretsch glass right now. :-)

I think I just forgot a decade…Must be old timers disease

proving how much my luck sucks, i just found the burl ives while looking for dates for the current question

and we all saw how that worked out last time ;p

Just noticed it’s your birthday today 68warbird, a Rancher Orchestra is a nice present!

I missed a decade! Congrats and Happy Birthday 68warbird!! What a great Birthday present!

Man I screwed that one up! Congrats Warbird & Many Happy Returns!

nice on warbird, what’s the next tricky question.

Congrats 68 Warbird!!

I was way off. I thought the “G Brand” was removed from the top by 1959 and didn’t reappear until 1975 on the Rancher model reintroduced as the 7525?

Thanks guys! What a fantastic surprise. I was second guessing myself after I clicked ‘send.’ Also, contests to you too UG! What a way to celebrate a birthday. This place is awesome.

Nope. “The G-branded 6022 Rancher was first available in the 50s. The G-brand returned in ‘68 or ‘69 and dribbled into the beginning of the 70s. The 6022 (with G-brand) was one of the first guitars re-introduced in 1989, and it continued into this decade. So, seven decades: the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 200s and 2010s.”

Happy Birthday 68warbird and congratulations. I strummed all 5 of these at NAMM Friday and they all played & sounded great, as did the resonators. I think all the winners are going to be very happy. Hope I’m lucky enough to be one, but I won’t if I keep proving answers like I did on that last one.

I thought the ranchers were discontinued in 2009. They are not in the Jan. 1, 2010 catalog/price list.

I don’t see fender commissioning more to be built when the model is not in the catalog/price list. Perhaps there were orders in the pipeline that caused some to be built in 2010, or could we be going by date shipped to the dealer so factory inventory can count towards the 2010 date. Or maybe it was still offered in Japan since there is a difference in the models offered in that market.

BTW when I submitted my answer, I thought Ranchers were still offered in 2010. It was after I submitted my guess that I went looking for the correct answer. But I could find no evidence of any 2010 models.

Forget what I said above. In Japan, they were still offering the Rancher as of 17 Dec 2010,

Well played 68warbird! I misread the question and answered about the decades of manufacture.

I meant ‘congrats’ UncleG. Damn autocorrect! :)

Thanks! I knew what you meant. Today is a good day, dontcha think? The hard part is waiting for it to get here. :-)

Ok, I confess I know nothing about acoustic Gretsches. I thought all of the model numbers changed over to the 7000 series after the Baldwin takeover. So even though there was a Rancher in the 70s-80’s it wasn’t a 6022, correct??

I agree HI-FI. Thats what my source stated. All in fun and congrats to the winners again!

Yes, congrats to the winner!! I’m not trying to be a jackass, I just want to learn more about the history. I never answer fast enough to win anyway. haha

I think the model numbers changed until ‘71 so there was a 6022 Rancher in the 70’s.

This has been very educational so far. Congrats Unc and warbird.

Night UG! Enjoy the new guitar when you get it.

Congratulations 68WarBird!

Well done 68warbird! Good score.

I’m a grandpa who has always dreamed of playing guitar, and would be honored to win either of these beauties!

Congrats to the winners. I didn’t get a chance at the last questions. Oh well. gotta sleep sometime.

Cool UncleGrumpy! Good on you …

My apologies for the erratic (at best) pace of this erstwhile contest. My ability to keep up has been at the mercy of content-generation duties, meal plans, and (yesterday) travel.

But we still got to move these refrigerators, we got to move these new Gretsch flattops.

So here’s a plan. I’ll put up a guitar giveaway at 4 PM GDP time today (that’s a little over an hour from now).

Then what about the other two? One-a-day for the next couple days (and what time?), or more closely spaced?

Thanks for your hard work Pro! Whatever works.

GDP time = Central Standard Time, or Indiana time?

GDP= Protean Time, which means stay tuned, it varies. Thanks Proteus, we love you.

Central standard.

Aww shucks, kuzi. Do you look like your avatar?

how about 2 tomorrow at 12 GDP time?

You wish. I just like Julie Newmar, best Catwoman ever, she’d snap Anne Hathaway like a twig.

Two tomorrow at 1600 GDP time would be sweet (plus the one shortly)

I’m hanging to try and win either the Dreadnaught or Jr Cutaway.

4 PM GDP is exactly my bed time. 3 PM GDP would be more comfortable. Or just gimmie the naught; over and done… :-)

I’m voting for 3am GDP time, might weed out a few folks and give me a chance!

I’m happy with that time Ripley only cause I live in Australia.

If nothing else these contests have made me aware I need to brush up on my Gretsch acoustic knowledge.

This is break time from installing my new floors. 2nd pot of coffee.

You gots to help me Grumps. They’ve been mean.

Thanks. That’ll teach ‘em. I know you knives and guns and all.

Geoff, I’d rather to picking with you on a guitar than picking on you (especially with a new Dreadnaught!). :-)

Damn, I mis-read the question. I answered on ehtat was not asked. Also do Dorados count as Gretsches?

I mis-read my answer, and missed something before I posted the second answer. The first one was just a shot in the dark anyway.

If Dorados count, then I’m out. I didn’t include them.

Damn, I’m good. Come pick on me. It’ll only make me stronger. Mwuhahaha.

please, please, please the Jr. is awesome.

Geoff might have a good shot on this one. This was #2 on my list, I really want the Jumbo, but this is a really close second.

Ow, the judges forgot to tell me: USA citizens only…

wow. I guess the customs fees/issues are just too much for anyone to deal with.

This one was tough, at least for me. I missed the Dorado and the Historic models

That sucks Geoff. In the unlikely event I should win 2 guitars I’ll send you one.

Is the USA citizens thing for real? If so, I’m out (even though I haven’t entered yet!)

Don’t worry pot-shot Geoff missed again, haha!

Kept getting the aww sucks page after I submitted but it seemed to have recorded my answer anyway. Good luck all.

Have you seen the one in the 1933 catalog?

I don’t even have a clue on this one. :-(

Pfff, This year pot-shot is not the way to go. Last year neither actually… Haha!

Well, Ranchers… Acousty Electry? Do they count or nots? I say they do…

Anyone else have trouble posting their answer all at once? I had to do mine in two parts as it looks like there’s a character limit - at least in my browser anyway. And if the judges/Proteus are/is being extra particular, I used abbreviations on some names to try to make ‘em fit! Good luck y’all!

This is getting ridiculous. My knowledge of Gretsch 12 string acoustics was practically non-existent. I now found out they made a 12 string Rancher! In fact different two versions, one with a cutaway and one without.

They’re definitely making us work for it this year. As long as Tavo doesn’t get to choose any questions we’ll be ok though. I don’t think I’ve been the same since that 20+ hour net search.

I give up. But I did like Tavo’s question. We had the entire company looking for the answer. I was really close but just did not see the obvious google find. Like right in front of me, haha.

Ripley1046 said: “They’re definitely making us work for it this year. As long as Tavo doesn’t get to choose any questions we’ll be ok though. I don’t think I’ve been the same since that 20+ hour net search.”

The answer is “Manly Cologne”. ;-)

And, double six neck is twelve no?

They made 3 12 string ranchers? I forget the double neck 6022.

Bah. These questions are UNPOSSIBLE.

I found the cologne about 5 minutes too late. What I was really angry about is I was looking on the site Tavo posted on for 20 minutes the night before and never saw that post.

I know I’m out on this one. There’s at least one I missed, someone has to have gotten it by now.

I leave you ladies to it. I’ve got to go to bed. Please mail me about Prot’s new swagdate so I can grasp that Dread.

Good night darlings!

Gorsh Dornit! I woulda been first to answer this one, but I got pulled away from my computer by a coworker for an hour. Good luck guys

Stupid question: Does a model number GGP6022/12 count as a separate model from a G6022/12? (GGP stands for Gretsch Prototype?)

This one’s really not that hard. Matter of fact, the answers you seek are only a click or two away.

antik, I’d say not. No-one markets a prototype.

Sandy said,” antik, I’d say not. No-one markets a prototype. ”

Back in 2000 it looks like Gretsch did and assigned different model numbers:

Baxter said, “This one’s really not that hard. Matter of fact, the answers you seek are only a click or two away. ”

That’s way too easy.

But of course you are right

Well, clearly a great question. But after two hours of scouring, I’m going to have to stick to my current answers. Best of luck all!

Prizes are limited to US citizens, Geoff? Where’s that? I don’t know that…

You guys are burying Bax and me with answers on this one, including some we’re having to discuss as to admissibility. Ought to have a determination in the next bitofawhile though.

You’re really working for it!

yes indeed. That’s because they look darn cool. crossing fingers.

I can’t take the suspense, back to practicing Devilish moveable chords.

As Proteus mentioned, there is some discussion amongst the judges about the answers.

And you think answering is tough? Coming up with these suckers — and phrasing them correctly — is no picnic either!

bah, I’m done with these it’s hopeless.

Congrats Scott! Nice score.

Congrats Scott!

That was a tough one. Initially, the answer was six, and all six can be found in the Gretsch-GEAR database with a couple of smart searches.

But with the way the question was phrased, we had to include the Dorados. And kudos to Scott for digging up all three of those suckers.

So ok! We had literally dozens of responses to the how-many-12-strings challenge, with some ambitious fellers posting 3, 4, and 5 times as their research apparently proceeded. Impressive work from everyone, and I’m sure we all know more about Gretsch twelves now!

After much discussion and knock-down fisticuffs betwixt Bax and me, I’ve awarded the Rancher Jr Cutaway to Scott Moodie, otherwise known as “big moods.”

Bax supplied the question to me along with the reference answer, which listed the six guitars many first (and much later) responders got: the 3523-12 Dreadnought, 3700-12 Sierra Jumbo, 3800-12-string, 6020 12-string, 6022-12 Rancher, and 6022-612 Rancher Double-neck. So far so good, and clear-cut (and tartan phantom, an early entrant, would have won on that basis.

But Dorados started to appear. Hurried conferences behind the scene: Bax says those weren’t branded Gretsch, and were only “distributed” by Gretsch. But my wording of Bax’s question used the work “marketed,” and a reasonable interpretation of that word would include “distributed by”, particularly when the product appeared in Gretsch catalogs. Gretsch started out as, and has often been, a distributor as well as a manufacturer (sometimes more so). A distributor certainly markets.

So I felt we had to take those responses as valid. Bax lost that round. But he went on to insist that if we were going there, then all three possible Dorado 12-strings (5991, -92, and -93) would have to be included on a successful candidate’s list – along with the six about which we are all presumably in agreement.

Scott/bigmoods, in his fourth or fifth answer, was the first to come up with that winning combination of nine guitars … so I say he wins!

(Others had even longer lists, but they included electric archtops, and though they can be played unamplified, no one really mistakes them for acoustic guitars.)

Kudos also to many entrants who submitted multiple entries, making model names ever more complete so as to comply with the “names/models” language of the question. If one of those responses had included the Dorados, it would have prevailed.

Congrats Scott, you only missed one. I missed 9 :)

The next acoustic challenge, for Geoff’s Rancher Dreadnaught, comes around 2 PM GDP (US Central) time tomorrow.

missed it by one dorado model number, why 5991 why

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the great contest and giveaway. I love a well voiced cutaway and I’m psyched! I think given the specs, i’ll try stringing some argentines and see if I can get a good twang out of it. …. Now would it be insensitive or unsportsmanlike for me to still try for the jumbo? :)

The 5991 is evil. It’s in a different catalog from the 92 and 93.

I thought I was doing good by finding 5993 :P Google you have failed me for the last time .(Darth Vader Force Choke)

Curses. Foiled by a technicality. Congrats, Scott!

Congrats Scott. Dang, you guys are coming up with some tough, but, good questions. Hell, the only way I even recognize Burl Ives’ name is he’s the dude who narrates Rudolph.

Tim & Tim, for the last two guitars, why not put a pick with my name on it inside, and shake it out to see who wins? :-D

Thanks! yeah, the 5991 was a late find. It was in the later catalog on a separate page as I recall.

Because, Señor Phantom, we know what happens when we do THAT.

Congrats Scott! I never saw that 5991, only the 5992. I say Ranchers with a pickup are still acoustics. But as we all know, it’s a plot… (shaking fist at sky)

Big congrats Scott, Grumps and Warbird! Enjoy those beauties!

Missed you at the show, Nitro.

Geoff, are you saying the 6022C/12 was not counted as an acoustic because it had a pickup. If that is the case, the 6022-6/12 is in the same boat. It had pickups as well.

I think they did count it. I’m over it. I can’t face bear to think about the matter again. It’s too much. But I’m ready for my dread. Preparing. Zen.

Okay for the next one, the winner is rsaunders! Wasn’t that simple? Man, what I wouldn’t give..

I want to win a Broadcaster 5-String Banjo….

I know…. I knnow….. In my dreams….

Stupid computer!! It took like a minute and a half to submit my answer. I’m really starting to hate this macbook! Time for a new one.

Same here Ripley! I was freaking the efff out. I think it was the site itself. It would not load when I clicked the button…that’s why I show up twice. I hit the button twice out of stupid frustration.

I used the seperate Giveaway page that did not work. Way too late when I got here. Shoot!

I was hoping maybe the first time was the wrong answer putting me in first. :)

Seriously though, it’s frustrating when I see no answers recorded then the page takes forever to load. My blood pressure shot up for a minute there.

The dread would be cool, but I’d still rather have the Jumbo.

I was going to be the first one, if that funky page would have worked. Objection! (overruled…)

I would love one of the cutaways. But I’ll take what I can get, if I got the answer right. Which pending any computer glitches I think I did…..hopefully….

well, my first submission didn’t load either. So in theory, if all of us were delayed, maybe it’s still relatively equal??? Well, I’m one ahead of you Geoff and I was going to give the ‘naught to you anyways if I one so there’s really only two ahead of you. If that helps at all….

Maybe you can trade with the cut away Scott? Or grab the hack saw.

I’m beyond grief. Spoiled my life with one click. How can I go on…

geesh, look at my grammar “If I one”. Too many late nights playing trivia games.

That’s my thought, winning any guitar would be sweet, but it would be even better if it was the one I’d buy given the chance.

I already have 3 acoustics, none really worth putting a pickup in, but I could use an a/e a lot more than an unamplified acoustic. The dread would definitely be worth dropping a pickup in though. The lack of cutaway isnt’ as important for me as a rhythm player, just like the aesthetics of a cutaway better.

Ow Scott how noble. Let’s just wait what happened. I’m all for the fairest play possible. I whine for fun.

The question seems very simple: It looks like just one Google click away. Am I right?

stay strong Geoff. i just got lucky last night. i’m still going to try for the jumbo though. I’m 6‘7” and while i absolutely love my baby taylor, i look ridiculous playing it.

Geoff, go ahead, be my guest and submit “2008” as your answer!

Haha, I have the same problem. My reso looks like a uke. But the Jumb would be too much on my wife her guitar spatial waste tolerance.

That is not correct Tartan: I smell a trap…

I hear you Ripley. And me being a lead player I needs me a cutaway! I currently don’t have an acoustic and was planning on buying the Rancher JR cutaway or the Rancher Jumbo cutaway sometime this year.

Rats…. late for the party again…..

You’re in France Geoff? I understand the space issue. Right now I’ve got an acoustic, electric, banjo, dobro, fiddle, and assorted other stuff (plus recording gear) packed in a tiny spanish apartment. They take up half my floor space. About the only reason I look forward to going back to the US is to be able to get all of my random instruments out of storage and assembled in one room.

Non pas de France.

I am in Holland, also called the Netherlands. The people who live there are called Dutch, as is the language. We eat tulips, live in windmills, put our fingers in dykes and smoke the grass. And we grow lots of cheese. :-)

My wife thinks guitars are butt ugly and a waste of space, since she can’t appreciate the way I play… yet…

In Spain? Where are you in Spain? I’ve been to Barcelona (nice people) and to Valencia (evil people)

Ah yes, I have passed a great many hours in your famous Schiphole. Yet have never had a chance to venture out. I work with a lot of Dutch researchers, but for some reason, they all come visit me in Barcelona instead of inviting me up - something to do with the weather.

Barcelona is ever so cool. Ever seen the man with the Hang instrument Park Güell? It’s a fantastic ufo he taps on; a great sound.

I’ve seen all the Gaudi buildings and been to the Dali museum in Figueras. I should go visit the private buildings of Dali. You can go in there if you make an appointment.

I also loved the Picasso museum. At first I thought Picasso was only so-so, until I saw he could paint hyperrealistic at age 16. After that he wanted something new. There is one room where you 48 attempts for the same painting. Suddenly I understood what he was after and he did it like no other. It was a real eye opener.

Congrats Scott. I’m always late just like Hermitt, but I’m happy to say I won a Kim Falcon poster. oh yes.

Thanks Bigsby. Yeah Geoff, there are some great art/museums here. The Picasso and Dali museums are fantastic. Although I have to admit that while I appreciate the design philosophy that Gaudi was trying to deliver, I really don’t enjoy looking at most of his buildings - too busy and cluttered. I don’t say that to my Catalan friends though…. Barcelona is a great place to live, but I’m finishing my PhD in the next couple months so I’ll probably be moving somewhere else soon. The Netherlands are on my list of places I need to visit before I leave Europe though. Maybe in the Spring.

Never been to Barcelona… maybe one of these days.

Ha in spring! Cousin Harley will be here in May/June. You might wanna synchronize watches. We could all meet then, haha.

nice, I’m always up for a good jam session. I need to find the schedule for this year’s gypsy jazz fests. There are some great bands up there.

Gaudi takes some knowledge to appreciate too.

Only recently, scientists found out he had a system for creating and envisioning shapes, by starting with basic shapes and using other imaginary basic shapes as a drill bit or router bit. It is common practice with modern 3D computer modeling software, but he could do this in his mind, abstract projection. Way cool. He also invented morphed extrusion way before the computer age: his Sagrada pillars start of with a certain cross section shape at the bottom, made with two overlayed 2D shapes. As the column extrudes up, he gradually rotated ones of the 2d shapes so the cross section of the pillar is ever changing fluidly. Brilliant!

Newsflash Geoff, Proteus just informed me that although Gretsch is willing to ship a guitar to der Nederland, in return you must ship back a package of equal weight consisting of a fine selection of Edam, Gouda, Vlaskaas and Maaslander…

All cheeses to be distributed equally among the losers of this trivia quiz.

Ha! if I ever win, I can send some Dutch goodies alright but that didn’t happen yet.

With all them quick on the trigger answering gods, I have to get some more training.

Mighty interesting Gaudi paper, but it can be explained better in an animation.

This could be a trick question; maybe the sentence “Nick 13 has a Gretsch Rancher acoustic.” has nothing to do with it. Maybe there is a movie where Nick made a mistake and said it’s still 2011. How far fetched paranoid is that?

yeah, Gaudi was definitely brilliant and his work was fascinating. So my academic side really appreciates him. But I just don’t find some of the end results aesthetically pleasing. I really like some of his early projects, but his later creations are much more impressive than beautiful in my humble estimation. But then again, I grew up in Frank Lloyd Wright country so I’m sure that informs my tastes a lot.

Alright. Sorry everyone else for hijacking the thread!

Geoff, you may be right— I hear rumors that the Illuminati and the Freemasons are involved somehow.

I think so. We all got it wrong, since no final outcome is presented.

I found the answer, but I’m sure I’m way too late.

See if this works, he has a Burl Ives model:

Wow, Geoff. You must REALLY want to get rid of your excess supply of cheese.

Well I don’t know where to look any further for another answer. That would mean I’d have to watch ALL Nick13 NAMM movies if there are any. I’m too tired to do that.

But I did receive my Turbo Tuner today. It’s a funny tuner. Not sure if it really is superduper but it seems to work quite nice.

Whoo Hoo, I won! . . . . . . . . . . Psyche! :-P

If the question is a trick question, then the year is 1952. That’s what he looked like at the Saturday Show. Like someone from 1952, according to our reprotter.

Nick 13 thinks his Burle Ives Gretsch is from the early fifties.

He must have made an error somewhere. Hence the “according to him”. The question must be way more difficult than we/I think. I sense a trick.

I give up. Congratulation dear winner; I salute you. I’m off to bed before I tumble of my chair.

Thanks Protty & Baxy and all of Gretsch, for shifting the quiz time towards an Euro schedule and for making this all happen.

I don’t think there’s a trick. Nick clearly states what year his Rancher is.

I am choosing not to play as I’ve already gotten too much from the GDP and I’d rather see one of you win. I already have a great acoustic.

Congratulations to the prior winners, and good luck to the rest of you.

I’m gonna hang out with my friend, Snowball-in-Hell, so we can discuss our chances.

I think I knew the answer for once. I’m pretty sure I’m too late tho

Top right corner, Jeff.

ok now I’m curious what’s up.

Wow. Rsaunders wins for most guesses!! Ate you just guessing every year from Gretsch’s introduction of the Rancher?! :)

I’m wondering if anyone has correctly guessed the answer yet? There are a lot of recorded guesses. Either that or the Tim’s are busy…….

I tried being conservative, but with no winner being announced, I think I covered most years from ‘40 on. Sorry!!

i found the answer in an interview he did, he also mentioned that he wanted to put a pup in it.

This could certainly be a trick question, but I’m going to laugh really hard if the correct answer is the obvious one undoubtedly given by you Mac and we’ve all been anxiously checking in all night and updating responses for nothing. I think the combined man hours spent researching these questions have exceeded the instrument costs. :)

My 2nd answer I also found in an interview he did with Guitar World where he clearly states the year of his Rancher. My 3rd response was just to include the link to the interview with my previous answer. ;-)

I’m gonna vote that the Tims are busy.

I wonder when they are going to announce a winner

I used the Guitar World interview for the date too…The suspense is killing me

I actually got my answer from his interview with but it is the same answer Mark. SO I think we are good

Well, I think my answer is actually right for a change.

I’m not in this one. Don’t know the answer myself.

And I’m busy bug-killin’

I love how the Burl Ives model has a picture of his face on the sticker!! Funny, I always picture him as a snowman??

Hi-Fi, me too. Thats because we grew up watching those Christmas specials. lol

the answer is like three clicks away from this page

All the interviews state the same date, coming from his mouth as well as from the interviewer. But what are we talking about? Mac answered first and since I have been surfin’ myself dizzy on this subject (vertebra L1 is gone) I found out that Mac S here, knows a lot about Nick 13. So…

Geoff / Scott re: Barcelona

I spent 13 days in Barcelona last March and loved everything about it. I thought all the Gaudi sites were wonderful. The nightlife was great. The people were friendly. The food was unreal. I love that city almost as much as I love my own (San Diego, CA). I made the day trip to Figueres for the Dali museum and managed to visit the castle grounds while there. I had a great, memorable day that day. I also went scuba diving at Tossa de Mar one day, what a beautiful town.

I’ll be back in Barcelona again this year for 5 days at the end of February. Please pm me if you can a) recommend any other cities within a 2 hr train ride of Barcelona I should visit instead of returning to Figueres, b) recommend anything off the beaten path I may have missed last time and, c) know of any open music jams where I might attend and play although I won’t be traveling with an instrument.

Thanks for any local insight.

I’m thinking/hoping a winner hasn’t been picked yet because Tim is just a busy man. It’s true Geoff, I’m a huge Nick 13 fan, I’ve been into Tiger Army for the past 10 years and have seen them at any chance I get, also saw Nick 13 twice on his solo country tour and love the album. One of the few times I knew an answer without having to look it up. I did wonder if it was a trick question this morning so I submitted another answer….Maybe we’ll all know at 2PM GDP Time (central time)??

Nick HAS a Gretsch Rancher” Not the brand new 2012 model that he is playing, (that was a red jumbo anyways)… but the one he owns, and he says “it is a 19____”

I don’t think there is any trickery involved here.

No trick question, no, and I have no reason to doubt Nick’s representation of the year of his guitar. I was just making clear that if there WAS a discrepancy (or some correspondent on the interdamnet wanted to argue about it, not that THAT could ever happen), then Nick’s point of view would prevail.

I haven’t gone through the answers yet, everyone on the interdamnet responded.

I’ll do that “later today” – AND post the final guitar auction.

Hoping for mid-afternoon, about 5 hours from now.

Oh well, that was easy. MacSteven was first to answer, and was correct - 1955. Obviously WAY too easy.

Sorry, Geoff. Your answer was right, just tardy.

Final guitar giveaway, for the jumbo, comes later today. Sharpen your pointed little thinking caps. (Leave your heads in them if you want. Take pictures.)

Uncle Grumpy, I must claim ignorance about him as wee, but I’m ashamed to post another guess!

I’m betting Tim got tied up with day job stuff. After a week of gallivanting do you blame him?

Like Mac, this is one of the few questions I happened to know off the top of my head. I’ve been a Tiger Army fan for a long time as well. Still haven’t seen them unfortunately. I wouldn’t mind seeing the solo show either. It’s a little country for my taste, but Nick pulls it off tastefully.

When I first saw that Mac answered again after me I thought I might have a chance, but he said it was just clicking the button twice, so I have no delusions, it’s his.

And as I was typing it was confirmed.

Congrats Chuck! Good for you man.

Congratulations MacSteven!!!!

Thanks guys! Thanks Gretsch!! Thanks Tim! SMURF yeah! I’m giddy as all hell. :)

Although I was screwed by the giveaway only page (which did not work at the time hell and devil) I think it is 100% okay that MacXIII wins this guitar:

A. He’s Nick expert B. He’s giddy

Congrats Mac. Somewhat. :-)


The KGB blocked my PC” …I think there is a song in it ;-)

The contest is next Tuesday. Nothing to see here.

It looks to be slowing down again. I’m guessing there are many of us riding the reload button….

I think a lot of people want that Jumbo. I have a feeling that I’m going to be very happy with the Folk, so I might just watch this one for fun.

Congrats Mac! Enjoy your new guitar

Well, here I am. What with tuesday? who says so and is this not a plot too?

No plot, honest. Come back Tuesday, don’t bother refreshing this page until then. :)

I’m habitually refreshing now since Tim said this morning it might be around this time. Who knows for sure though.

You’d better come up with that quiz cause my wife is grumpy as heck due to my late night quizzin’. Came home too late after guitar lessons also, which turned into wine tasting lessons in the end. Wife no happy. :-(

Tim told me that due to all the excess Tru-Arc orders he picked up at NAMM, the last giveaway will be postponed until a month from the 3rd Tuesday in April— provided that it does not fall on a full moon or bank holiday, and in the even of rain, it will be postponed for an additional fortnight. See you fellas back here at that time! :-)

Geoff, ik vertelde je dat de laatste quiz werd uitgesteld, maak je vrouw blij en weer in slaap te gaan!

Uh oh. I got busy and missed the schedule to start the Jumbo giveaway. To be fair to all time zones, I’ll start it tomorrow instead, 1:00 GDP (US central) time.

That work for everyone?

Darn! Now I have to get back to work on the house. Tomorrows good.

Works for me. Just a few ‘Bad Gateways’ today, so tomorrow’s a better day :)

You mean…I still have a chance? Excellent .

Haha, Tartan. Do you know my wife or what?

Tim, my girl is going to love that idea. This means I’m home early and in bed early too, haha. Unless I need three hours to “find out how many different amps Billy Gibbons ever used” or “how many octal tube types were designed through the years”. :-)

When I win the Jumb, Mac can trade of course. I don’t really need a stringed rowing boat, but I won’t kick it out of house if that is my next axe. I might keep it at work to annoy colleagues… Good idea!

Hey Proteus, In the interest of preserving everyone’s sanity, and preventing another overzealous debacle like yesterday, how about sending me one little guitar? Heh, heh, just kidding!

Thanks Tim!

Friends, since I’m knackered, for tonight, over and out. Love, Geoff.

Am I wrong in the time stamp? Did I miss an agreement again?

Leaving for home at 2100 paris = 1400 GDP. Will be available at 1430 GDP!!

Wait please…

You haven’t missed anything. The train is late pulling into the station.

Methinks Tim got tied up again. Technically it was supposed to be an hour ago (which I’m glad it wasn’t since I thought it said 2 for some reason).

I’m sure he’ll let us know what’s up.

Booyah! I’m back from the dentist. Thought I’d missed this train :)

Due to the new site and delays— I’d be for a drawing among all the users that posted in this site over the last few days.

I believe it Tim meant 10PM GDP time I know I saw it in one of the comments section besides this one where he says 1GDP time.

Yep 10pm central time comment 667

If that’s the case, then not only is the train late, it never even pulled out of the station.

I’d be up for a drawing as well. Might actually give me a chance.

I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to know another answer like the last one.

I’ve been having some trouble getting this page to load for some reason. The forum is fine, but this page doesn’t like me.

This page is probably slow for everyone because of the traffic.

He doesn’t indicate AM or PM. Just 1000 GDP time, which by international standards would be 10 AM Central.

I ‘m pretty sure Tim meant that the swag giveaways were starting today at 10.00am Central. The Duane Eddy Posters and Kim stickers questions showed up around 8.00am my time this morning (Pacific time zone).

Greg, that’s pretty much how I interpreted it as well.

The Rancher Jumbo question was scheduled for 1.00pm Central today. Pacific.

….and we’re off! Yeehaw!!!!

I have to assume if an instrument is on the floor it is not on the wall.

ok. after many false counts, I think my number stands (and I’m sure it wasn’t the first).

Good luck all and I can finally close all of these other tabs!

Don’t worry about me guys— I’m out. I missed a bunch of the ukes in my count, and by the time I realized it, there were another dozen answers posted. I’m withdrawing in a fit of self-loathing at my stupid oversight… good luck to the rest of you!

Yeah, I already know who the winner is, Not Me. ;p

If I were to somehow magically win this I would totally rescind my Dreadnought to the runner-up on the Nick 13 question. Hell, If Scott Moodie wanted to trade his cutaway for the Dreadnought I’d be into that! I like hittin them hight notes! :)

I am probably out as well. In my first count I missed a uke. Don’t understand why since it was in plain site.

Based on that I hope Mac wins! :)

I somehow mis counted the first time too, but even if that was right I think I was too late.

I didn’t even answer and it’s still fun. I like to see people win stuff. Also, I’m curious as to how many strings. I know the answer. The answer is… more than I can afford.

Hey Mac, I’m a cutaway man myself. So I’ll hold the Jr. for now….

I’ve been calculating like a tax collector. Probably too slow. But it’s more than 100 and less than 200. Plus there is ONE tiny nasty thingy if you don’t look right.

I decided not to shoot from the hip but unfortunately I did not know what the going number of strings is on some of the instruments. As we have very annoying wise people here, I must have lost somewhat a bit maybe. :-)

If I do win this boat, I might trade for the dread…

Congrats MacSteven! She’s a beauty.

OK so - you guys really poured in the answers on the Roots collection string count.

And here’s the deal: the inTENtion of the question was to include all the new instruments, which break down thus:
- 5 flattops, 6 strings ea = 30
- 5 resos, 6 strings ea = 30
- 6 ukes, 4 strings ea = 24
- 3 mandos, 8 strings ea = 24
- 3 5-string banjos = 15
- 1 banjo-uke = 4
- 1 banjo-tar = 6 .

BUT. We DID word the question ambiguously, saying “on the Roots WALL” (emphasis added), and 3 guitars were in stands on the floor in front of the wall. Subtract 18 strings for those, and the answer is 115.

As it happened, a correct “115” answer came in before the first “133.” So what to do? Reward the guy who took it literally, or snub him and wait for the guy who intuited our intention?

Neither would be fair. So I called Joe and see what he might have for a consolation prize. “Consolation?” sez Joe. “There ain’t no “consolation” in Gretsch! There’s only winning! Give that other guy a Jumbo too.”

So that’s what we’ve done.

I’ve read through the other answers, and see some interesting qualifications and explanations – but these two answers seem pretty straightforward to me, so that’s the way we’re going.

We all happy?

You won, kuz, that’s what happened!

Amazing Tim and Joe, I love how you guys handled it. Congrats KuuKOO.

Way to go guys!! What a great way to wrap up the guitar giveaways.

Joe Carducci is one of life’s really sweet guys!

And so are Tim and Bax.

Love this place!!

Congrats Gents!!! Great questions Pro, Had a great time!

OMG thank you Joe C. and Gretsch— that is amazingly generous! Best birthday ever!

Congrats Kusinov too!

Wow! Congratulations Kuz and KuuKOO!!!

Mama, they took my guitar!

I actually had both answers ready. But I figured the guitars on the floor were also being featured by the wall.

Took me quite a while to track down the new banjo’s and see if there was a weird one. I could have looked at the headstock to see the six strings…

Even now I did not win, I’m quite pleased I got it right in one go. A bit late, because I never saw mandos nor banjos up close.

Congrats my dear winners! If flooding ever occurs you could sail away in yer Jumbos. There’s room for two of each animal also.

That was the adrenaline rush for this year. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. What a NAMM!

The resos are great and so complete in their series. Must get that cheapest uke, just to smell it. Very nice price acoustics.

Star of the NAMM was the Excelsior for me. Congratulations FMIC: this will be a great succes!

Very nice footage of the performances. Quality seems to improve every year. Thank you my recording heroes; it is much appreciated! I always wanna see cousin Paul play if I can.

And I won! Yes I won! Stickers, posters ha! Duane Eddy is gonna write my name: YES! Be ready for them traditional “look what I won” pictures.

Win, win, win! Ha!

Thanks Protty for your glorious comeback. Thanks Joe & Fred and all star performers for making this NAMM a great one! THANKS!

Congratulations guys! And thanks again to the Tims and Gretsch for the contest. Twas fun.

WOW. Awesome! Congrats guys!!! Gretsch is indeed the best.

Congrats, Folks. My math skills suck. :-(

Geoff, not only will I post pictures of what I won, but I’ll post a video of the guitar. Great Gretsch guitars Batman!

Haha! Wanna see that. I’m very happy for ya. Yelp us a song while you’re at it. We of course let you win, that’s how nice we are, haha! So you owe us a romantic Folk Rancher song. Ploink-a-pling mate! I salute you.

Not to be a whiney jerk or anything, but I haven’t heard anything about the guitar yet. Have these been processed yet? Should I contact someone? Thanks again for the contest!

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