Winter NAMM 2012

A Kim fix.


I know we haven’t seen nearly enough of the lovely Ms Falcon in our coverage so far. She’s looked especially stunning, and has been her usual warm, gracious self to visitors, signing a bottomless stack of SilverJet posters (and a few calendars). The problem has been the lighting in the hall. It keeps changing. Apparently management believes that constantly morphing patterns and colors of lights build excitement, create a festive atmosphere, drive showgoers into sensory overload and break down their natural resistance. Well, whatever. But it’s like we’re working inside a light show. We get aircraft-landing klieg-light bright white, then rolling waves of colors. We’re all oompa loompas, then we’re Na’vi, then we’re Elphaba, then Be’el’ze’bub himself. It makes it hard to take natural-looking pictures of anything. But Kim’s crystal podium, at which she plies her autographical and meetengreetly trade, is in a particularly challenging corner. All of which means that few of the pics I’ve taken have come out well. We plan to find more neutral light tomorrow for a series featuring Kim Falcon with the Kim Falcon CS Falcons. In the meantime, something to hold you over. Details » View all comments

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