Viva Las Vegas 15 - Featuring Duane Eddy

Deke's Guitar Geek Show Brings Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famers Together for the First Time


You knew Deke had one last special guest in store, didn’t you?

The Geek Show had run over in time (as it usually does), and scantily-clad women were clamoring to get into the room for the Burlesque Contest. They told Deke he had to stop; he said he’d hurry up, but the show would not be over till he got Duane Eddy out for a couple songs – and a grand finale putting Duane and Nokie together on the same stage at the same time, for the first time ever.

I bolted for the front and parked myself on the floor, stage center, to capture the action for y’all. Duane and the band reprised “Movin’ & Groovin’” and “Rebel Rouser,” then brought Nokie back to jam along on “Hard Times.”

After a show-ending finalé, Nokie and Duane shook hands and exchanged a few words, then Duane came to the front of the stage to talk to fans and sign autographs.

Duane Eddy: Movin’ & Groovin’
Duane Eddy: Rebel Rouser
Duane with Nokie: Hard Times

Duane with Nokie: Hard Times

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Stellar coverage of the event, yet again Mr. Proteus. Even though I was there with you, it’s nice to relive it all and see parts that I missed through your videos and photos, not to mention the insightful commentary.

You, sir, are the Earl of Eloquence and the Prince of Prose.

Oh, pshaw. Thanks for the nice words - and the pleasure of your company.

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