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That Voodoo Swing


Voodoo Swing is a powerhouse trio from Phoenix, and Greg and I caught the end of their set in Brendan’s Pub - once again, standing in line for 15 minutes to get a place in the room.

Well worth the wait. These guys are what rock & roll (whatever you call it) is all about. They’ve apparently been together for almost 20 years, and you can hear every ounce of sweat they spent together in their piledriver rhythms and too-tight-to-squeak arrangements. This was way beyond mere professionalism, this was like an organic groove machine in high gear, a rock & roll engine wound out and screaming.

I don’t know how it comes out in the video (which is pretty chaotic, as you’ll see!) and audio (from the back of the room, NitroG holding the recorder) – but their rockabilly anthem “Made in America” sums up the real meaning of rock & roll as well as anything I’ve heard. It’s not musicology and historical accuracy - it’s the combined fire of all those people in one room at the same time, all conjoined in the process of making and living in the music.

And the tone from that Roundup Jet, huh? THAT’S what it’s all about - rockin’ Dynas. After the set, I asked where they were from, heard it was Phoenix and asked if they have a relationship with Gretsch. They do, of course, and Joe corrorborated that he knows the band well.

I bought a CD - if it lives up to half the promise of this band live in a small room, I’ll be well satisfied.

(See if you can find Betty Draper in the video.)

Fast Cars, Guitars, Tatoos, and Scars
(Rockabilly Was (Made in America)

Made in America

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Shorty rocks!! Plus he’s got this super positive always looking up attitude which I admire.

Anyone else having trouble gettin the video to load?

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