So. Cal. Gretsch Jam

American Legion Hall.. Post 722

16767 Spring Street, Fontana California (CA)
Announcing the First Annual So Cal Gretsch Jam. A one day musical Event and gathering for all Gretsch aficionados and fans of the “G” brand. The Event will be held in the beautiful and sunny city of Fontana California, located 45 minutes west of the City of Angels, at the American Legion “Steel Town” Post 722. The American Legion Hall is located very near to the Downtown area of Fontana with a Hall, outside patio and a Bar area. There should be plenty of room to set up and play and display your Gretsch Guitars. We will have a run of the place as my Brother is a Legion Commander there, and He has assured us a very pleasant and accommodating venue.

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SARAH!! Great to hear that, long time no see, hope to end that soon at the Jam!


Count me in!

  • LA_Manny
  • LA_Manny Dinner will be served at the Hall at 5:30 PM . The Music will resume once everyone is finished dining and the tables are cleared. Since it’s a one day ...
  • LA_Manny Due to the difficult logistics associated with holding a multiday musical Event in the southern California area ,A One Day event was chosen to help aid those people unable to ...
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