Nashville Roundup 2020

Hachland Hills Farms and Retreat

5396 Rawlings Rd, Joelton TN
Hey Folks! Lets have another party, shall we? The 2020 Nashville Roundup is upon us. Hanging out with your favorite GDPer’s in a nice quiet, well, til we get there, venue with plenty of space to find a spot to go get acoustic with the trees or let your hair hang down in the barn with your amp wide open. Bring a Gretsch, or anything really, and an amp, or plug into someone else’s and have fun. Have a nice cold beer or beverage of your choice and enjoy the clean forest air and great food prepared by Carter and his crew. About 30 days before the event, an email address will be posted to RSVP and get a quote for room fees and meals at the event. Once you’ve made your reservation just plan on having 3.5 fun filled days in Nashville at one of the nicest private retreats in the hills and hollers of Tennessee. Keep an eye on the thread posted about the event. http://gretschpages.com/forum/gretsch-events/yeehaw-its-a-roundup-nashville-2020/68440/page1/ and watch for new threads concerning T-Shirt orders and such. Please do not contact Hachland Hills. All reservation are to be made via contacting suprdave. Thanks, younguns’.

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