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By the time I made my way to Hachland Hills around 3:30 Thursday, things were already pretty well swinging. Lots of folks were here already, guitars were being played and jokes were being told. Pretty typical Nashville Roundup, just beginning a smidge earlier every year. There’s only so many hours, and there’s much rounding up to be done.

For me personally, Thursday had me all aquiver with anticipation. The 6186-GDP project was here in Nashville, and no one would let me take even a peek. All anyone would say was that yes, it’s gorgeous, and it’s really smell. The lacquer was still really, really fresh.

My patient snicker waiting was finally relieved, and yes, it was everything I hoped it would be. More on that later.

Anyways, Thursday evening was full-on Roundup, with most all of the usual faces and few new ones around. As in previous years, firemaster SuperDave took care of grilling up some grub while others turned up the amps just a little bit more and rocked out.

And also like previous years, cellular service and WiFi are nearly non-existent, making posting updates and photos a more-than-slightly-difficult proposition. We try.

Friday morning brought a fine Miss Phila breakfast, and then people scattered about to play and talk.

My morning was spent with a big bridge comparison, seeing what would work best on the 6186 project. None of us really had any idea, as there’s not really another Gretsch quite like it. So we compared the ebony bridge from Archtop13, as well as aluminum, hole-tone and stainless Tru-Arcs. To everyone’s surprise, except NJBob, the stainless was a clear winner, although the ebony had a mellow smoothness that would be excellent for jazzy-type-stuff.

So with that out of the way, there was much playing to be done. And play we did. A lot. And there was singing. And my new Clipper was put through the wringer, winning a lot of friends in the process. Paul Overly had his new old double-cut 6120, and he was putting it to good use too. Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately for Paul — it’s all backwards and only he can play it.

Friday evening finished about 2 am, with Curt, Crowbone and a few others still raising the barn roof.

Which brings us up to Saturday morning. We’ve already enjoyed another fine breakfast, and Tim Harman is currently demoing some pretty exciting developments in the Tru-Arc world. I’ll leave those details to him.

So that brings you more or less up to date. There will be more coverage coming, as we can get it done. Right now, we’re awful busy having a good time.

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Steve McCloud

Ole’ Fang liked it too.

Joel Hibbs

We all had a great time this year! This was our second year in a row and we’ll definitely be making it a third! Just a great bunch of people

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  • Olivia__Anne Not that anyone needs "defense" but the logistics of all of this streaming, videoing, etc., was arduous on your "team." Your "full contact" team tried mightily. The tech "fairies" just ...
  • farmerbrown On Our story thus far Hey, how about some videos or streaming? Is Richard Hudson there, I need to hear some great finger style playing?
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