KC Cowtown Roundup 2013

Well, the second annual Cowtown Roundup is done, and I hardly know where to start. So let me start by giving thanks. To Angel, who went above and beyond helping organize, decorate, and generally make sure this thing went off well. To Deb (Mrs. Fieldhj) for making the killer banners. To the fine folks at the VFW, who cooked for us and put up with our silliness til the wee hours of the morning. To Joe Carducci for, well, just being Joe. And most of all, to all the fine folks who came and made the event what it was.

So let’s talk about some highlights. Well, before the event even started, we had one of those perfect dinners, bursting with great conversations and great food, followed by a bunch of night-owls sitting around the VFW’s gazebo until about 1:30 in the morning just playing acoustics the company in the warm spring evening.

As one of those night owls, Saturday morning came awful early for me, but it was all worth it once Richard Hudson, Jim Krause and Brent Wallace (S. Rock) plugged in and started the morning off right.

It wasn’t too long until folks started rolling in and things really started going. The Rumblejett’s short set was definitely a highlight, with Tim Harman (Proteus) jumping in on keys. A Gretsch Pages sticker also found it’s way onto their stand-up bass.

Yes, attendees got Gretsch Pages stickers. You shoulda been there.

On the other hand, after dinner folks heard me sing, so maybe you didn’t want to be within a three-county radius for that.

KC Eddie was able to make a brief appearance, which was pretty impressive given his schedule these days. And he brought along something… amazing. Special and amazing. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it, but I don’t want to ruin the unveiling. In the meantime, let the wild-ass speculation begin.

The evening got a mite bit fuzzy for yer faithful narrator, as it did for a number of folks, but I do remember the music was great, and the folks even greater.

Joe brought along the Official Gretsch Branding Iron and a very nice proclamation he whipped up at the last minute, so we had, for the first time, an official Cowtown Branding.

A brief digression: How Joe does all he does, I’ll never know. Gretsch really should give him a minion or two. With a couple of minions, Joe could take over the world.

And then it was inside for the giveaways: Richard Hudson took home a new Rancher, JD kept his Cowtown winning streak intact at two-for-two, taking home a resonator, and Josh (sorry, I didn’t catch his last name) took home a Darth Vader black 5422.

And then, of course, more playing and talking. Cause that’s what a Roundup’s all about.

Expect more pics and memories. Hopefully other folks took better shots than I did.

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