Street Sounds Gretsch Day 2011

Oh man, what a day...


… was yesterday. I hope people caught some of the streaming video from Street Sounds, and later from Fred’s walking tour. That was an amazing time, and the story will have to be told.

Updates to this section weren’t working yesterday – and I was too busy to process pics and get them posted anyway. Now that the processing is done, I’m out of time: there’s a Guitar Heroes display at the Met Museum of Art in Manhattan – D’Angelicos and D’Aquistos, I understand – and Fred has invited me to go with him to that before my flight at 4. Could I say no? No! Will I be able to get pictures at the museum? Don’t know!

But I’ll try.

Meantime, I can’t wait to tell the rooftop story. It’s practically mind-blowing, is what it is.

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