Street Sounds Gretsch Day 2011

And you know what ELSE is cool?


KCEddie Ball is supposed to be at the party tomorrow, in the company of Redrocker. And Redrocker will also film Fred’s Broadway Stroll in HD, with a remote mic on Fred, for truly pro archival quality. Fred tells me we’re going to storm the Gretsch building, stroll in wearing our Gretsch shirts, camera crew in tow, and try to make it to the roof for a look-around. With any luck, this thing’ll be epic! In the meantime, I’m going to try streaming the stroll from the iPhone. But if that doesn’t work, we will have Redrocker’s video later, so you’ll all get to come along. There may also be special surprise guests at Rocky’s tomorrow. You just don’t never know. See you then. View all comments
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