Street Sounds Gretsch Day 2011

Lvl - LGA, 2 hours. Airport to hotel, 8 hours.


Apparently everyone in the US but ME had air travel trouble today. Joe’s flight was scheduled to come in at 3:00, half an hour after mine; he messaged from Chicago that he was delayed till 4:30. (Turned out to be 5:30.)

No problem: I had dayjob work to finish, so I paid Boingo and camped out by a receptacle. Fred called about 4:30, said he was at the airport waiting, so I struck out to find him. HIS flight from Atlanta had landed on time, about 3:00, but had been stranded on the ground by the little storm I’d seen coming in half an hour before (which closed the runways for awhile).

We had a pleasant visit awaiting Joe, with conversation about early Gretsch history (like 1912-1920) and about Fred’s younger years growing up in Queens.

Ere long did Cap’n Joe arrive. He retrieved the rental (a pretty cool white Ford Fusion) while Fred and I waited for his luggage, including the bazooka.

And then, see, since it was a couple-and-a-half hours till Miss Kim and Paul Pigat were to come in on the same connecting flight from O’Hare (which got later every time I flight-tracked it; see United Airlines Computer Glitch in the news), we thought we might drive down the road a piece for some grub, then come back and pick them up.

Huh. An hour later, we’d made it about 4 miles on the “Expressway.” DIdn’t even make it across the Tri-Boro Bridge.

But Fred picked out a fine, practically ultra-lounge too-cool 60s diner (not a repro retro thing, you understand – the genuine authentic article) and we dined. An hour and a half later, we were back at La Guardia packing the rest of the kids into the Fusion.

Then we sat in slowly oozing gridlock, accompanied by symphonies of horns, and eventually glaciated to our hotel in midtown Brooklyn. You know: 11 miles from the airport, a 45-minute drive.

We’re leaving the hotel tomorrow morning at 7 in hopes of making it the 5 miles to Street Sounds by 10 or so. How do you people abide this traffic, HUH?

Then Joe, Kim, and Paul went back out to eat again - but I was tired, and had to start telling the story.

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