Street Sounds Gretsch Day 2011

Yep, airplane pictures.


Because you wouldn’t believe I was actually here if you didn’t see some clouds and hazy topography. For once, I had a direct flight from Louisville, across Kentucky, West Virginia, a bit of Pennsylvania, sliver of New Jersey, and to La Guardia. (The flight path is usually to Detroit and across, or down to Atlanta and up.) I was happy to see some “new” terrain – or rather, to see long-familiar territory from a different perspective. And while it seems nearly everyone else who flew today had trouble (more on that coming), my flight was clear, bright, only partly cloudy, smooth, and early: about 1:45 from Louisville to NY. There was a bit of scenic lightning to the west as we approached the airport, but nothing more the hint of a sprinkle on the tarmac as I waited for my bag to come off the plane. A charmed and auspicious beginning to what should be a memorable Gretsch weekend. View all comments
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