Balto-DC Roundup 2017:

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Hey, all! I’m Joe Carey, and I’ll be available again this year to sit in on bass.

Since this year’s Roundup theme is 1967/The Summer Of Love, there’ll likely be a bunch of playlist suggestions of songs that I already know. I hope so, anyway.

FYI, British ‘60s rock is what I grew up playing, so chances are that if you want to play songs by the Beatles, Cream, the Kinks, the Move, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the Stones, Traffic, the Troggs, the Who, the Yardbirds, etc. (the list goes on, believe me), I’ll know them. I’m familiar with a smattering of West Coast bells-and-beads songs as well.

If you’d like me to play bass with you, you’re welcome to run song suggestions by me via Gretsch Pages e-mail.

Many thanks to the indefatigable Paul Overly for again hosting the Baltimore/DC/VA Roundup.

David Hollingsworth, coming up from Northern Virginia. Grew up on classic rock, and fronted bands way back in HS/college. In a group, I can hang on a lot of the 60’s-80’s rep…and solo, I work on fingerstyle/Chet-type stuff.

David Hollingsworth, driving up from Northern Virginia. Grew up on 60’s-80’s classic rock and related music. Recently, more focused on fingerstyle/Chet-type stuff.

You’ll be right at home, David! Feel free to suggest some songs on the Playlist Suggestion page (look to the right of this page).


If Mr Flyer 909 is there, that alone is worth the price of admission…

I’ll see you all sometime this Saturday morning between 10 - 11 am! Looking forward to another Round-Up.

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