Balto-DC Roundup 2017

Faith Community United Methodist Church

5315 Harford Road, Baltimore Maryland
8th Annual! Our third year at Faith Community United Methodist Church. One day only this year, doors open at 9:00 AM. All the usual dignitaries (Joe Carducci and Rocky Schiano from Streetsounds), all the usual dancers, all the usual stuff, plus the 50th anniversary of 50 years ago (Summer of Love, release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band), so dress vintagely for maximum effect and fun. Admission is $30, and can be paid in advance via PayPal to BaltoDCRoundupATverizonDOTnet. It helps us to pay in advance.

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If Mr Flyer 909 is there, that alone is worth the price of admission…

Frequent Flyer 909

You’ll be right at home, David! Feel free to suggest some songs on the Playlist Suggestion page (look to the right of this page).


  • taylorgtr David Hollingsworth, driving up from Northern Virginia. Grew up on 60's-80's classic rock and related music. Recently, more focused on fingerstyle/Chet-type stuff.
  • taylorgtr David Hollingsworth, coming up from Northern Virginia. Grew up on classic rock, and fronted bands way back in HS/college. In a group, I can hang on a lot of the ...
  • Joe Carey Hey, all! I'm Joe Carey, and I'll be available again this year to sit in on bass. Since this year's Roundup theme is 1967/The Summer Of Love, there'll likely be ...
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