2019 Nashville Roundup

Hachland Hill countryside retreat

5396 Rawlings Road, Joelton Tn
Tucked in the Hills of Tennessee, near Nashville, Hachland Hills offers a unique venue with 13 acres of wooded and non wooded areas and three different buildings with areas to play guitar in each. The main log cabin has sleeping and eating facilities and most meals are eaten there. Our host, Carter, cooks all meals and is an outstanding chef. Everything prepared is as unique as the place itself. http://hachlandhill.com/ will give you a good understanding of their history. There’s also a boardroom for jamming. The Cabin at the bottom of the hill also offers some sleeping area and a fine living room type area that is always enjoyed by our acoustic players as is the back porch. Beyond the creek is the tobacco barn. That’s where we let our hair hang down, turn up the amps,and get lost in the moment. New to Hachland is the behind the barn stage where anyone can plug in for any impromptu performance. Things get started on Thursday Evening for a grill cooked burger and beans plate cooked by the GDP attendees and most sit around for some acoustic playing and a few laughs but there are those that venture off to the barn to get loud and proud. Any and all of this is encouraged. Friday is a bit of a free day to get to know each other musically and Saturday we get to play more. During the day on Friday or Saturday, some may venture off to Nashville or the surrounding areas to investigate local music stores while the ladies sneak away to craft fairs or shopping. Saturday Evening is the Swag fest and barn buster show which is always a high point to our weekend (Thank you Gretsch and Joe) and afterwards you can normally hear more music or play more, if you’re a late nighter. Sunday morning is Breakfast, hugs(optional) and goodbyes. Hope Y’all can attend. See ya in Nashville, folks.

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If you guys want to pitch in I’m there..Wasn’t this the Roundup you all found out about Scott? I’d like to be able to come and meet all of you. I’ve developed a bond with a lot of the members here over the past 11 years.

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