2018 California Gold Rush Roundup:

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Bob I actually might have a Gretsch guitar with me this time!! However can I request reservation of that area where I had the Stereo King set up last year? I figure my contribution to the event is to bring in vintage amps most folks don’t get to see or play with. I’m thinking about bringing an all tube Standel, ‘68 Selmer,maybe a couple of nice old Gibsons. Who knows what will come out.

Hey Tomm! Great news that you will be joining us again this year.

I don’t think that we have any system in place to reserve space to exhibit stuff. It is sort of on a first come, first serve basis. That being said, I would think that most people would be generous in trying to help you out in exhibiting some cool gear like that. I would try to show up as early as you can and hopefully we can find you a spot that works for you.

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