2014 Northern California Roundup :

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It’s going to be a great event.

I do hope people start posting playlist suggestions soon. And I’m sorry I lost the ones that were posted already.

Thinks Bonedaddy and I need to conspire for less hippyish California sounds. Like a Black Flag medley.

When we get Henry Rollins as the RoundUp’s special guest, a Black Flag medley will be right in order.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Springfield, Loggins and Messina and Moby Grape (who shared a house near Buffalo Springfield in LA briefly and hung out with them regularly during that time) are all in keeping with the theme – “hippyish” though they may be. Hey, some of us Gretschies might be so described too!

I just made my reservations at the lodge. Didn’t seem like they had many yet. I would encourage you to make your reservations so we fill the place!

Parabar I have no idea why your comment was collapsed, but it shouldn’t have been. That’s a site error, and I’ll be looking into it.

Glad to hear it – I was concerned someone might have taken offense at what I intended as a good-natured riposte.

Did somebody say BLACK FLAG??

I’m not bringing an amp this year . Lord knows how many I have left behind all over the country

Does anybody have Tommy59’s contact info? I was thinking to ask hi to come with me, if I am able to swing it.

Does anybody have Tommy59’s contact info? I was thinking to ask hi to come with me, if I am able to swing it.

HRM, I have passed along your invitation to Tommy. Hopefully, you will hear directly from him via email.

I am glad that you are going to be joining us again this year. There is an excellent private aircraft airport in our little burg. Just be cautious of the thermals. They have taken more than one plane down.

I just want to say here, for the record, those T-shirts are perfect.

Great T-shirt design! I am looking forward to another great roundup and seeing old friends….. Because we aren’t getting any younger.. Ha ha! Cheers!

Thanks Baxter for the nice compliment. It was fun to work on something so dialed into my own personal interests. I only wish I could be there to meet all of you fine folks.

Sadly I can’t make it this year. I am totally bummed! My work is such I can’t take any time off right now. I was really looking forward to this years theme. It’s right down my alley! I’m sure it will be a total blast! Have a great time everyone.

Great T-shirt design! I am looking forward to another great roundup and seeing old friends….. Because we aren’t getting any younger.. Ha ha! Cheers!

I’m hoping to make it, so much going on right now, it’ll be a down to the wire thing for me this year.

Bonedaddy, you gotta make it.

Bonedaddy, hope you can make it! Hey, I’m bringing my iPad with lots ‘O lyrics on it so we can play songs easily. I have some Eddie Cochrane hits, a few Loggins & Messina and some Gene Vincent stuff from the Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys album. It will be attached to a mic stand if someone wants to use it. I’m also bringing my Ukulele. Can’t wait. I’ll be there Thursday.

Look forward to seeing you again Tom!

I use my tablet like that too, works great. Thinking of bringing my Bass VI along as well.

Yeah, this is pretty awesome

Truly bummed that I couldn’t make it this year. I hope you are all having a spectacular time. Say ‘hi’ to the Sierra Club ladies for me. Well, no, please don’t.

Yeah, I’m bitter you weren’t there, Bonedaddy.

Helluva fine event. I shoulda taken more pix.

Waiting for pix and comments…

Did this happen? It’s really difficult to follow this, weird type, no flow, no content.

Group photo? Did Joe C make it up the mountain? Where is everybody?

Yep .. Joe C, Tim H, and Baxter all made it out to the NorCal Roundup. Unfortunately a group photo opportunity didn’t happen this year. The overall feeling of this years event was more of ‘old friends’ getting together and just ‘catching’ up, the camera’s never really came out (even though we had a lot of new attendee’s … ;o)

Tavo, this is it. People can post any pictures and comments right here. I’ve been quiet because I still haven’t recovered from the marathon 22-hour journey home.

I’m pretty awful at remembering to take photos, but I can tell you it was a helluva fine event. I knew a few familiar faces but got to meet a whole lot more.

I’ll add more comments in a bit.Still trying to catch up.

Who is the young lady with Sissiekid? She looks very intent on learning. Nice pic’s.

That was SissieKid’s granddaughter, I believe. She has a lovely voice. I hope somebody got a recording of her singing.

Had a great time again,I think getting up there on Thursday made a huge difference. Thanks to Bob for putting on another great event.

It was awesome seeing all my GDP friends once again,and also making some new ones. I missed Bonedaddy but got to hangout with his “twin Brother” Baxter. Playing drunk guitar with Baxter in the hallway was soo Punk Rock. Thanks to Senor Giffen for the guitar lessons ,Sissy for strumming along with me,Sturge for the Joy of watching him play, Art for the Congs tutorial and Fritz for being Fritz. Many thanks to all of you I didnt mention for making it a wonderful time.

I always come away from the Roundups with a genuine sense of camaraderie and a renewed desire to play my guitar a little more. So many great players to learn from and alot of sincerely good people. See you all next year .(fingers crossed)

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