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Had a great time again,I think getting up there on Thursday made a huge difference. Thanks to Bob for putting on another great event.

It was awesome seeing all my GDP friends once again,and also making some new ones. I missed Bonedaddy but got to hangout with his “twin Brother” Baxter. Playing drunk guitar with Baxter in the hallway was soo Punk Rock. Thanks to Senor Giffen for the guitar lessons ,Sissy for strumming along with me,Sturge for the Joy of watching him play, Art for the Congs tutorial and Fritz for being Fritz. Many thanks to all of you I didnt mention for making it a wonderful time.

I always come away from the Roundups with a genuine sense of camaraderie and a renewed desire to play my guitar a little more. So many great players to learn from and alot of sincerely good people. See you all next year .(fingers crossed)


That was SissieKid’s granddaughter, I believe. She has a lovely voice. I hope somebody got a recording of her singing.

  • Suprdave Who is the young lady with Sissiekid? She looks very intent on learning. Nice pic's.
  • Baxter Tavo, this is it. People can post any pictures and comments right here. I've been quiet because I still haven't recovered from the marathon 22-hour journey home. I'm pretty awful ...
  • TheNocturneBrain is there a thread with pictures and comments??
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