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Gretsch 125-F: Serial Number Unknown

Note: This guitar has been marked as needing help. This information may not be trustworthy.

Owned by
Ukeon Cornelius
Body style
Flattop Acoustic
Rosewood with Block inlays
Rosewood with rosewood adjustable saddle
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12 months ago Last modified 2020-03-04 14:10:41

Looks like a late 40s model. The serial number should be either stamped into the tip of the headstock, or hand penciled inside the body. That would tell us more.

Nothing stamped on the headstock and a thorough inspection of the interior (with flashlights and mirrors) revealed no numbers anywhere. Do you agree that it’s a 125-F ?

If the body width across the lower bouts is 17” then it’s a 125-F. Maybe refinished? The original pickguards tend to disintegrate so that is probably a replacement.

This site won’t allow me to post the catalog page from the 1948 catalog with the 125-F listing, sorry.

I don’t think it’s been refinished, I’ve had it since 1980, but I haven’t seen that color pick guard on a Gretsch this old so you might be right about that. But I think the black looks better with the sunburst than the tortoise shell would.

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