Gretsch-GEAR Anniversary models 6125 “Single” Anniversary

1962 Gretsch 6125: 45529

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Lotus Ivory/Jaguar Tan
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Vintage "Patent Number" FilterTron
Bigsby B-6 (breakaway arm)

New pat grover tuners fitted and coil tap switch. As I am not the original owner I don't know why or when. Note also the additional small knob under the pick guard
Probably refinished in ivory and coffee.
Amazing sound through my Mesa Boogie!

Unusual factory features

Bought in San Jose second hand. Refinished by previous owner who replaced the tuners, fitted a coil tap switch and resprayed in ivory front and coffee back.
Number states 6125 , is this a single anniversary that has been converted to double?

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Bought second hand in 1987. Don't know if it was converted from a single to a double anni? Any obsevations welcome

Your Annie is a 1962 model year example, and has clearly been converted to a dual pickup format AND the original HiloTron pickup has been replaced with FilterTrons. If they are vintage FliterTrons, they have decent value on their own. I’m betting that the finish is original, as there was a third finish option for Annies in that period which was “Lotus Ivory” top and Tan colored back/sides. The Bigsby vibrato tailpiece was also not original to this guitar. Since it’s a B7 that might be an indicator that the neck is in need of a reset… but that’s just speculation. The Bigbsy is very nice, and if you decide to replace it with the period correct G-cut tailpiece, I would be happy to purchase the Bigsby as well as sell you the authentic tailpiece that was originally on it. Also… the knobs have been replaced by later styles, and the pickguard is clearly not original (no cut-outs for the pickups?) as the original color for this finish combo was Tan. The pickup bezels and bridge are also aftermarket additions. So… I’m curious what that extra knob does?

Amazing feedback. I suspected that this guitar had been modified. A previous owner spent a lot of money completing these very enhancing mods. I mentioned that there is a coil tap switch under the tremelo arm, the extra knob under the scratch plate acts as an extra tone control, but only when the pickups are in single coil mode. I do not want to swap out the Bigsby and the guitar is very playable and looks amazing. I love your own gretsch collection by the way. Traveller London England

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