Gretsch-GEAR Archtop Acoustics 100

1940 Gretsch 100: 8701

Note: This guitar has been marked as needing help. This information may not be trustworthy.

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Body style
Hollowbody (no cutaway)
Rosewood with Block inlays
Rosewood with rosewood adjustable saddle
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I am not sure on the model (100,200 etc), nor the date of this guitar. The neck has a date stamp of JUL 24 1940, but there is a penciled in serial number of 8701 inside on the back which according to the serial number list is 1953. The guitar is apart because the binding dried and came off showing the top and back was also coming apart. As far as I know, this guitar has not been modified. I would like to know the actual date and model of this guitar and any other information anyone has. My father bought this from a pawn shop in 1958 and it was the first guitar I picked up back 1963 and I haven't been able to walk away from guitars since then. It is a project guitar thats been on my to do list for many years.

Thanks for posting your guitar and info. This is a Synchromatic model 100, and it was one of the few Gretsch branded guitar models made in the war years (and just after). These were simplified versions of the pre-war Synchro 100 models, which was much more ornate. So the 1940 date stamp is odd, especially with such a high serial number. The war-time guitars had their own sequential numbering system that pooped-out around #10,000. The headstock shape confirms that it’s a later version of the model. We don’t have a definitive chronology for these war-time guitars, but the current research would suggest that a 87xx serial number is circa 1944/45. This model was discontinued by the late 40s. The post-war model 6014 was an evolution of this simple acoustic archtop design, which was in the line throughout the 50s. How about posting a photo of that date stamp?

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You can email pix to me at Gretsch_Ed at yahoo (dot) com

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