Gretsch-GEAR Atkins in the ‘70s: Axes and Chets 7682 Super Axe

1978 Gretsch 7682: 5-8113

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Body style
Double Cutaway Solidbody
Unknown with unknown inlays

Bigsby added.

Unusual factory features

Gretsch Roy Clark Prototype. Number one of only two made.

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This is #1 of 2 Gretsch Roy Clark prototypes made in 1978 (This is not a Super Axe, although it has the same compressor and phaser). This is a model 7683, SN# 5-8113. You can see pictures, discussions and videos on the topic "1978 Gretsch Roy Clark Model 7683". This guitar is number one of only two prototypes made. The Roy Clark model never went into production. Roy Clark took number two (RC-2) and you can see him playing it in the videos. Roy Clark is pictured on the cover of the November 1978 issue of Guitar Player magazine holding RC-2. Both prototypes were identical except RC-2 had music notes as fret markers and a small badge or plaque on the front of the headstock.

This guitar, RC-1, was featured on the April page of the 1994 Vintage Guitar Calendar. The Bigsby tailpiece was installed in the early 1990's before I purchased it. There is a small amount of binding rot and a small dent on the back of the neck like it was laid down hard against a table edge. Otherwise the guitar is cosmetically and structurally in excellent condition. All the electronics work and there is no corrosion on the chrome parts.

The guitar was made with asymmetric double cutaway solid body, deep blue stain finish, elevated silver-color pickguard with black "Gretsch" logo, two Filter Tron pickups with active electronics (same as Super Axe), "Falcon" style peghead shape, Gretsch "T-top" logo peghead inlay, individual sealed tuners with metal buttons, zero-fret, 22 fret ebony fingerboard with double lined and dot inlays, multi-ply white and black binding on body top and back edges, single-ply white binding on fingerboard and peghead edges and chrome plated metal hardware. It is being offered for sale.

More Information: This guitar is a Gretsch Roy Clark, model 7683, not a Super Axe. This guitar never went into production so this model was not listed on Gretsch Pages.

It has the same compressor and phaser electronics as the Super Axe.

This guitar was verified by Gruhn Guitars as #1 of 2 Gretsch Roy Clark prototypes in existence.

See pictures and discussions of this guitar on “1978 Gretsch Roy Clark Model 7683”.

This guitar is for sale and I am considering offers.

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