Gretsch-GEAR Archtop Acoustics 6030 Constellation

1953 Gretsch 6030: 10314

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Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebonized Rosewood with Block inlays
Grover StaTite
Rosewood with rosewood adjustable saddle
Gretsch trapeze
Unusual factory features

well think it is a very rare special order Tenor

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I purchased this guitar recently from a guy who purchased it from Michaels Music NY some 10 years ago he had it all checked over by a luthier here in UK ,there was no pick guard so I made one out of a piece of African Black wood which is fine.

I am currently using a DeArmond 1100 rhythm chief pick up which although is for a 6 string guitar which I also use works well, through my Polytone Mini Brute, I would love to find a 4string version!! or I may have a custom made Kent Armstrong 4 string floating made. I play tenor banjo which I tune CGDA but tune the Gretsch CGD A (but A down an octave ), since getting the guitar I have really enjoyed it , I also have a Gibson ETG 50 tenor guitar but I think the Gretsch especially with the De Armond sounds nicer .

This is an amazing guitar, and very rare! Love the big bold 17” body with the thin 4-string fretboard… very unexpected, and it’s inception was probably an attempt to gain a little more volume. The addition of the DeArmond floating pu rig addressed that too. Really a gorgeous guitar. There are several members of this forum that can make fantastic (and vintage accurate) tortoise pickguards and might consider seeking them out.

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