Gretsch-GEAR Jets 6129-T Players Edition FT

2017 Gretsch 6129-T: JT17100014

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
Silver Sparkle/Mahogany
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Modern High Sensitive (HS) Filtertron
  • Master Volume
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Master Tone (knob)
  • Pickup selector switch
  • G-Arrow knobs
Bigsby B-7
Unusual factory features

Pickguard on this model is silver plexi with a silver Gretsch logo.
Pickups are 'High-Sensitive' Filtertron.
Bridge is anchored adjustomatic.
Hardware is Nickel.
Tuners are locking Gotoh.
Bigsby B7CP string-through trem.
Body is chambered.

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The story of this guitar as I understand, as was told to me, is that around xmas 2017, Fender Australia had one of those 'closed-door special vendor' private functions, AKA a vendor-sponsored piss-up, where the future Fender / Squier / Gretsch 2018 models were unveiled to encourage the 'elite retailers' to order new 2018 product in advance (advance sales). The store owner from where I purchased this guitar told me he personally purchased this guitar from a fender VP who brought it back for Fender Australia during their recent visit to the Terada factory.

It was used as a marketing tool at this private function, i.e. It was briefly put on display for all the specialist retailers- and in true Fender "everything is for sale - at a price" fashion, the ownership of this guitar changed during the private function.

It seemed like a believable enough story.

Originally, the buyer of this guitar did not intend to sell it, rather it was for his private display collection. Not long after taking custody however, this guitar was subsequently put on public display at one of his stores, with a price tag discretely placed on the pickguard.

It remained on display for approximately 10 months, before I believe the owner changed his mind about actually 'keeping it' (obviously he had business / tax reasons for this - "everything is for sale", remember!) and I took a chance and made an offer to purchase. The offer and the price on the tag did not meet, and I wasn't interested in negotiating. I felt strongly that my next purchase would be something else, and this guitar would find it's home eventually. If that home was going to be my room, then the guitar would simply stay there until I was ready and the price was right. If not - I would know it was not meant to be.

Rewind several months, I remember being in the store when it first arrived and was put on display. The sparkle finish was very captivating. I had an opportunity to play it briefly, however the asking price was simply more than I wanted to commit to. It sat on display in the store for many months, and I played it several times before eventually making the decision to buy it - but it was only after two demoralizing failed attempts to purchase vintage Rickenbackers (a reissue 360/12C63, aka the George Harrison Ric, and a similarly spec'd 360/12V69) bombed out within hours of making contact with the instruments owners. Clearly I could not drive or fly fast enough!

So, the Sparkle Jet wasn't actually that 'big blip' on my GAS purchase radar, because I knew it had remained on display for 10 months, and I still wasn't super thrilled with the asking price... But I had such a bad GAS attack, that I had to buy SOMETHING.....when I got back from a much needed vacation and the Gretsch was really the only guitar I really wanted other than the Ric 12 string.

I went down to the store and put another offer on the guitar. The deal was done on the spot. I brought it home, happy, calm. Not over-excited and hyped up, but happy and calm. This was a very new post-GAS experience to me.

Anyhoo, that's the story of this guitar as I was told and how I understand it to have come my way. It would be nice to get some official Gretsch paperwork and case candy for the guitar one day (there wasn't any), but as the instrument doesn't officially "exist" in public record and was meant to be a prototype, I am guessing the paperwork will never exist either - perhaps a build sheet in the Terada Factory, but that would be all. The serial number certainly appears to confirm this, but as I have no way of physically confirming the linking story with paperwork, all I have is the story from the previous owner.

Congrats— looks like yours is the first PE Silver Jet in the database— Also, judging by the serial number, yours is most likely a factory prototype.

I added the correct model category and moved your guitar to it.

OK Thanks for the information. I was unsure about the serial number.

It plays incredibly well. I absolutely love it!

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