Gretsch-GEAR Archtop Acoustics 35 American Orchestra Thirty-Five

Gretsch 35: 5507

This guitar is for sale. Contact Treadnot for details.

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Body style
Hollowbody (no cutaway)
Rosewood with Dot inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
Rosewood with rosewood adjustable saddle
Gretsch trapeze

I think pickup is not original, but still early, ….single soap bar with two bakelite knobs, for volume and tone. large, curvy pickguard I don't think original; small hole under side binding indicates another pickguard was there.
Tuners recent replacement Schallers; don't know who put them there. I've owned it about 10 years.

Unusual factory features

N/A guitar very early, with early Gretsch logo.

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Don't know. doesn't show a lot of play wear for its age. the serial number -5507- is impressed into the top of the headstock. actually in exceptionally good condition. I could send you pictures...that's my story.

Don’t know if you sold this or not, but I’ve collected a lot of early 20th-C archtops, the body looks like it was made by Regal, the pickup unit is not original to that guitar, its from a late 1940’s-early 1950’s Harmony/Silvertone archtop electric which used that integrated pickguard-pickup surround and a Gibson-made P-13 pickup. An example of such ->…

I also believe Regal wasn’t making archtops post-WWII, they simply farmed out their name. This archtop is the fairly high-end of Regal’s output and wouldn’t be surprised if its a carved top. (Regal archtops have that signature skinny f-hole that’s just a little different than a Gibson from the same period. Kays and Harmonys have much wider f-holes.) The pre-war Regal pickup on an electrified archtop was a beast taken from their lapsteel design, and this post-war pickup is a much more elegant way to electrify a guitar. Guitar could be as new as 1942 before all factories retooled for war production; integrated pickup design is from 1946-1955ish Harmonys.

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