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1972 Gretsch 6008: 12378

Owned by
Body style
Flattop Acoustic
Ebony with unknown inlays
Rosewood Flattop
Unusual factory features

Can’t find much info on this guitar but serial number makes it a 1954 model. Can’t find another with the sail boat on pick guard. Serial number is stamped on the top of the head stock.

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This is absolutely not a 1954 guitar. The model wasn’t introduced until circa 1970. It is a more elaborately bound and finished Sun Valley, being modeled on a martin D-28. If the serial number is what is indicated above at “12378” then the guitar was made in January of 1972, the 378th guitar made that month. It is unlikely to be an alternate date of December of 1973, the 78th guitar made that month because the fire at the Booneville plant in December of 1972 destroyed the machine used to emboss the serial number on the back of the headstock. All that aside, it is a very, very fine guitar and absolute proof that Gretsch could and did make excellent flat tops

And, more proof that Booneville did make some great Guitars, that is gorgeous , nice find

Thank you for that info. I was unsure about the serial number. I knew they started using date codes in 66. What confused me was that I read this model was only manufactured between 69 and 71. Which lead me to believe that info might have been bad also.

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