Gretsch-GEAR Modern Electromatics 5248-T Double Jet

Gretsch 5248-T: 412738

Owned by
Body style
Double Cutaway Solidbody
Gold Sparkle/Mahogany
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
Licensed Bigsby

None that I know of. Maybe the machines, but I doubt that.

Unusual factory features

I've been told that, early in the FMIC era, there were seconds sold on after reburbishment. These would have their own serial numbers, with no relation to the Gretsch system. So it didn't get a Gretsch serial number because it wasn't officially made.
It's a great guitar; I'm going to keep it!

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2 years ago Last modified 2018-05-23 02:52:18

I was idly browsing browsing for a goldtop, after seeing Chrissy score a new single-cut from Adorama, and came across this listing on the Guitar Center site: Used G5248T for $299.
The first page of the listing showed that "This item comes with a case." So I set about ordering it. Such a deal, right? Well, when I got to the last page before ownership was mine, there was another similar notice: "You will receive one item". Hmm. So I place a phone call to the store it was at, their Fort Meyers, FL place. After introducing myself and explaining that I wondered why that last page didn't mention the case it was going to be in I was told that there was no case associated with the gold-top. But the manager said they'd take fifty dollars off, to make it up to me.
So now we're at $249.
I decided to grab it like a rabbit. After taxes and shipping, the total was $296. Then, when it got here, it was in a (damaged, but intact) hard shell case!
I called again. The guy who'd taken my order told me, "Well, it said, comes with a case..." So I am totally happy with the guitar and the purchase.

You got a great deal on a very unique guitar.

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