Gretsch-GEAR Archtop Acoustics 100

1942 Gretsch 100: 2450

Owned by
Tartan Phantom
Body style
Hollowbody (no cutaway)
Rosewood with Block inlays
Synchromatic Synchrosonic

I have the original tailpiece; it is broken but is complete with original mounting hardware. The tailpiece has been replaced with a reproduction FMIC-era Gretsch chromatic tailpiece. Also, plastic letters were glued to the original pickguard by a former owner, spelling "ACE".

Everything else, including the gorgeous binding, pickguard, bridge and tuners all appear to be original. The neck has never been re-set, and the action is fantastic!

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I purchased this guitar on the first day of Autumn 2017, from Carter's Vintage Guitars in Nashville during the 2017 GDP Nashville Roundup. An intrepid band of GDP folks (Snorre, Bob Howard, Crowbone, JBGretschGuy, Redrocker, TWOM! and myself) had visited a number of guitar shops that day, and one of the other members in the group (Crowbone, I think) first found it hanging on the wall at Carters-- it was marked as a "1947 Gretsch". He and Josh took in into one of the small amp booths and began running it through its paces. Soon enough, all of us had taken it for a ride... we were all stunned by the volume and tone this thing was producing, and also stunned by it's relatively (for being over 70 years old) nice condition. I only played it for about 5 minutes, and then handed it to Bob Howard... 5-10 minutes later I just couldn't get this guitar out of my mind. We began chiding each other as to who was going to bite the bullet and take it home. Finally, while Bob was still playing the guitar, I went over to him and removed the tag and took it to the front counter for purchase. It came with an older non-original hardshell case, and the original tailpiece was neatly tucked inside.

Upon returning to the Roundup location, everybody there just had to take a spin on it. It saw a lot of play action over the next two days among fellow Roundup attendees! I sent pics and info to Ed Ball, who deduced from the serial number and the appointments that it was NOT a 1947 model, but instead a 1942 model.

Wow. just wow.

Glad you gave her a good home, Rob!

So nice to my ‘41 Synchro’s ‘brother’ has shown up here and in Rob’s hands! Aside from the ACE lettering on the pickguard, our guitars, which are only 449 S/N’s apart, are identical.

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