Gretsch-GEAR Country Gents & Southern Belles 6122 Country Gentleman

1971 Gretsch 6122: 11110

Owned by
Jim Austin
Body style
Double Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Vintage "Patent Number" FilterTron
Grover Imperial with "Kidney Bean" buttons
Bigsby B-6 (breakaway arm)
Unusual factory features

January 1971 model before the Baldwin changes on the model came out. It still has 60s Gretsch appointments like the bar bridge, mute, pickguard and tuners. The mutes disappeared from the model around April or May 1971 and a little later in the year, the model was changed significantly with the new Baldwin appointments.

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The guitar was purchased new by a man in Enid, Oklahoma who owned and operated a music store for many decades. He also played with a group of guys. He passed away and they had a liquidation auction. I was high bidder at the auction. After I purchased it, an old gentleman in overalls came up to me and said that he was one of the guys who played with the owner and said they made a lot of music on that guitar.

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