Gretsch-GEAR Tennesseans 6119 Tennessean

1964 Gretsch 6119: sorry

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Bordeaux Burgundy
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Grover Imperial
Wood compensated
Bigsby B-6C (V-cutout)

fixed bridge pickup hole was routed for humbucker by previous owner. Broke the headstock off 10 times..(not once in the past 15 years!) a few times mid-air live. First time it happened the back of the headstock was finished black, and the serial number was lost.It might be under there still but I had dated the guitar prior to that. I might go digging for it some day. No binding rot, maybe a couple spots of discolourization. It came with late 60s aluminum knobs though. I've rewired it a couple times to spec, It has a gibson style square plate for the output jack and a custom made ebony bridge with a bone saddle.

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I bought this guitar for $700 in 1989 I think from a store north of Seattle. It had 5 strings on it and I thought it was beautiful. I had driven there to buy a Gretsch and this was one i could afford. I've played since as my #1 guitar for many years professionally and now semi-professionally. It has helped me write many many songs. It has had the headstock bust off 10 times and a speaker cab fell on it in regina and pushed in the top on the bass side F-hole. It has been repaired and shows it's years . It still remains the best sounding, easiest playing and best staying in tune electric guitar I own. Lately it has been getting some rest.

If the serial number is located on the back of the headstock, then this would make it a ‘66/67 example. It’s not ‘68 as the knobs are still the G-indent style. Any evidence of a headstock plaque?

The serial number was on the top of the headstock..I could dig for it.

What a great guitar with a great story! Don’t let it rest, it’s far too cool to not be played!

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