Gretsch-GEAR Anniversary models 6117 “Double” Anniversary

1967 Gretsch 6117: 279XX

Note: This guitar has been marked as needing help. This information may not be trustworthy.

Owned by
Elizabeth Hummel
Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
Jet Black
Ebonized Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Bone with zero fret
  • Master Volume
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Tone Switch
  • G-Arrow knobs
Space Control
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Clearly a 1960s Double Annie. Ed would probably know when a batch of black ones was done. Some the custom color ones were 1966.

279xx serial number is for for a mixed batch of model 6003 acoustic Grand Concert models and some other unknown models. 277xx were the debut batch of Annies. The pickguard looks like a 1960’s shape; but Annies were typically sunburst with gold pickguards and two-tone green with green pickguards. But with Gretsch guitars, exceptions abound. If you look into the f-holes, the inside of the guitar will have a bracing structure if it’s a ‘58; none if it’s a ‘60’s model which this appears to be due to the type of pickups. Can you take a photo of the label? If it’s a 279xx number it may be part of a run of ‘50’s labels that may have been used in the ‘60’s.

No label. Date coded serial number located on the back of the headstock that translates to Feb., 1967, 934th guitar made that month. Cool factory black finish!

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