Gretsch-GEAR Historic series 3700 Sierra Jumbo

2001 Gretsch 3700: gp02040187

Owned by
Body style
Flattop Acoustic
Black-Red sunburst
Rosewood with T-Zone Tempered Treble inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone with zero fret
Rosewood Flattop


Unusual factory features

not that I kno of

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3 years ago Last modified 2016-12-29 01:57:21

Played every 15-2500.00 guitar I could get my hands on ovr a 3 month period. Then I played every 5-800.00 guitar looking for the one that sounded and played closest to the higher end guitars I dug. This guitar was far and away the best, to me, at 599. inc hardshell case(larivee case). I bought it. My Takamine cedar top cut away became a rejected lover. Sold her off to a friend. Everywhere I play i get comments about the sound and appearance of this guitar. I play in subways and cafes and open mics where I have hosted and used as "house guitar". Have beat the hell out of her for 15 years and she still sounds and looks great. Only two set-ups in all that time. Great action. Have played with medium and light strings. Have told many sad faces she is no longer manufactured. I will replace her if she goes down with another of the same if I can find one in good enough condition. If not, the closest thing to it I can find.

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