Gretsch-GEAR Anniversary models 6118 “Double” Anniversary

1960 Gretsch 6118: 34355

Owned by
Geoffrey E. Stich
Body style
Double Cutaway Hollowbody
Rosewood with unknown inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
Bigsby B-6

The original pickups sort of cut out alot,

Were louder too.

I traded those away to Art Wiggs for somethng back in the 80's.

It now has 1980's New Old Stock D&W Filtertrons in it and it sounds wonderful that I have no need to change it again.

Also, The Bridge was changed to a Bar Bridge and the knobs were replaced with faded Gold ones and a Bigsby was added,,, all around 1988.

Unusual factory features

A very sentimental "Green Gretsch"!

I call it "The Ed Rod" Gretsch!

One of the first "Gretsches" I've ever seen in the real!

It belonged to my first guitar teacher, "Ed Rod", back in 1965!

"Ed Rod" (Ed Rodriques) was a Bay area legend back in the 60's and taught alot of us, managed a band called "The Juveniles" for four generations, was welll known and liked by many ,,,

Anyway, He said he bought it new in 1960 right after he got out of the Navy and had it for years and I'd always ask abouit his "Green Gretsch", every time I'd run into him , etc.

One day in 1987 he called me and said he's selling alot of things, going stickly "Classical" now and said that out of all the people he knew back in the day, he thought the Gretsch should go to me!

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