Gretsch-GEAR Anniversary models 6118 “Double” Anniversary

1958 Gretsch 6118: 30152

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Smoke Green/Darker Smoke Green
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
'58-60 "Patent Applied For" FilterTron
Grover StaTite

A Tunamatic-type bridge was recently added for playability. I'm not sure what kind it is, maybe some of you can tell me. I still have the original bar bridge, though.

The original G-cutout tailpiece recently broke while playing, so I need to find an appropriate, hopefully vintage, replacement or replace it with a Bigsby. I am open to suggestions on where to find one or what to replace it with.

I don't know if any of the wiring was updated along the way.

There are a few small dings in the finish and one of the tuners is slightly bent. All my fault, unfortunately, because the guitar was was in pristine condition when it fell into my careless high school hands.

Unusual factory features

Not that I know of. The Model Number is not visible on the inside label, but it may have faded over the years.

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This guitar was my first electric guitar. I bought it in high school in the late '60s, along with a 1965 Fender Super Reverb (which I also still have). I always thought the two-tone green was cool, but most people at the time thought it was ugly. I didn't care. I played it some in high school and college, but I was primarily playing acoustic in coffee houses and, after college, the pair spent most of the next 30 or so years sitting in a closet rarely being played. I know, pretty stupid, right, but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. It's tough to crank up a Super Reverb when kids are sleeping.

So anyway, fast-forward to recent history, several years ago I started playing electric again and pulled them out and discovered that both the guitar and the amp had some age issues that needed to be repaired, but the tonal combination was really promising. After first getting the guitar repaired and set up, I started doing some recording with the guitar and it sounded and played great. That inspired me to get the amp restored and recapped. Wow, what a great combination, from warm and clean to dirty and bluesy and all the way to wild and screaming with the addition of an overdrive pedal!

These days, when I play live, I use a Strat, but at home in the studio it's always the Gretsch and the Super. Who knew my random, impulsive, uneducated high school purchase would turn out to be my holy grail of guitar tone. Maybe some of you would have known, but I certainly didn't and it took me over 30 years to find out.


Beautiful guitar! Thanks for posting.

Hey Gitarzan, that is very nice!! I think that is going to be my next guitar, well not yours of course!! I hadn’t seen the Two-Tone Smoke Green really until I joined this site and have really taken a liking to it.

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