Gretsch-GEAR Jets 6131-SMYR Malcolm Young I

2009 Gretsch 6131-SMYR: JT09062641

This guitar is for sale. Contact JohnT for details.

Owned by
Body style
Hollowbody (no cutaway)
Cherry Red
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Unknown with zero fret
Modern High Sensitive (HS) Filtertron (bridge)

None NOS Completely stock

Born 7.28.2009

Unusual factory features

End of production run

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Collector purchased , one of the very last produced absolutely mint and unplayed ( collector a none player unfortunately ) Purchased direct from Rocky Schiano of Street Sounds NYC on the 26th February 2011 - NOS and unplayed, shipped to the UK where it has remained in its case with original shipping packaging, all paperwork including original Gretsch guarantee, quality control certificate , period reproduction product cards, and all original bill of sales and shipping certificates providing unbroken provinance to date

All factory applied protection sheets are still in place for the new owner to remove

Currently stock photo ( I only decided today at work to thin my collection ) please contact me direct and I'll forward you any photo requested of the guitar and associated paperwork

The guitar is not advertised anywhere else giving this learned forum first choice and will remain so until June 30th 2016 where after it will be advertised more broadly

Now the formal bit:

The price will be around UK MRSP + insured shipping at cost so let me know where you are on the globe and we can work out the cost from the UK

All local import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser and the full purchase value will be declared for insurance purposes. For UK residents and international if desired, payment and collection can be made in person by arrangement

The guitar is NOS and unplayed and will remain so until purchase is completed - no exceptions

However a fuctional sound check for the 'purchaser only' prior to shipment can be undertaken if desired/requested

Payment is strictly by bank transfer and the funds are required to clear prior to shipment, full details will be provided to the purchaser of my details and are already registered with this site

Please feel free to drop me a line, any questions will be answered as quickly and transparently as possible but please don't request I take a screwdriver to the guitar as I'm not a certified guitar technician and please bear in mind I'm not a guitarist and I have zero idea of what a 'Zero fret' is either LOL

Well thanks for taking the time to read the advert

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