Gretsch-GEAR White Falcons, Black Falcons 6136-TSL Silver Falcon

2014 Gretsch 6136-TSL: JT14073001

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Jet Black
Ebony with Bird-themed engraved blocks inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
TV Jones Classic
Grover Imperial
Space Control
Bigsby B-6

- Schaller Locking Strap Pins
- TruArc ST-120 Bridge

Unusual factory features

- Trestle Bracing

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4 years ago Last modified 2016-02-01 16:42:46

Finally I took the time to make a photo and write some words about how I came to do my dream purchase that happend now already more than 1 year ago.

As a Setzer fanboy since the late 80s his orange Gretsch had also an early impact on me. Although I never thought about actually playing guitar, I thought that Gretsch guitars were the coolest (at least looking) guitars on the planet.

Fast forward 20 years: After I had to stop making music (as a singer) shortly after just starting with my 1st band project due to ear problems, I decided to start learning guitar to accompany myself as good as possible.

So after buying an acoustic guitar to start with, I also started looking at the Gretsch homepage frequently ;-) :-), but telling myself that there has to be a lot of practicing before I could argue to buy a Gretsch.

Anyhow, I still wanted to understand what the actual differences between all these models were. The Guitar shapes of the Nashville, the Anniversary, the Tennessee Rose, ... were all the same, so I was wondering what the criteria for their different product names was. Comparing the different specs on the Gretsch homepage was not an easy task, so I copied all the specs to Excel to actually compare 1 to 1.

At that time I also discovered the gretschpages and reading all this information (starting with the Proteus article "Which Gretsch for me? How to choose?") the Gretsch fever started to rise.

Still not able to argue with myself to spend that much money on a guitar without actually knowing how to play it properly, I was looking into cheaper jazzboxes. One evening, frustrated after an unsuccessful bid on a lefthand Ibanez Artcore on ebay, I opened the google page and entering "Gretsch lefthand" to find an announcement of a limited run of Silver Falcons via Jerry's Lefty Guitars.

This guitar had almost all the features and looks that I preferred and after 2 sleepless nights I decided to jump on it and just reverse my previous order of priorities and move "Learn to play the guitar properly" to the 2nd position ;-) :-)

Especially as a lefty guitar player you have to be ready when a chance occurs and to have been Gretsch-ucated by this very page was worth a lot.

So here we are, still in love after a year and still trying to catch up with my playing abilities.

Wow, lefty Silver Falcon - this is a beauty! I nearly purchased one of these limited run guitars for my first Gretsch, used, but it was stringed right-handed and then I calculated the import duties - soon after I got a good offer on a Country Club, and fell in love. Still, I take a long long look at these rare birds wherever they appear. A great choice!

Thanks. We (lefties) have to take the chances whenever they appear

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