Gretsch-GEAR Jets 6128-TDS Duo Jet

2009 Gretsch 6128-TDS: Serial Number Unknown

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Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
Jet Black
Rosewood with Humped Block inlays
  • Master Volume
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Master Tone (knob)
  • Pickup selector switch
  • G-Arrow knobs
Bigsby B-3C (V-cutout)

Tyson P-90 pickups; Tru Arc Stainless Steel bridge; rosewood bridge base; unbleached bone nut; nitro finish.

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Duo Jets are my favorite electric guitars. P-90's are my favorite pickups. So, why not combine the two? I did, and I couldn't be happier with the result. P-90's seem to love the chambered mahogany body. They sound much like Dynasonics when clean, but they have a great natural breakup. Bobby Tyson of Tyson Tone Labs winds his P-90's by hand. They are sweet, complex, chimey and downright nasty when you want them to be. I sent him the Dynasonic casings, and after some shaving and snipping, he shoehorned them in. I bought this guitar used, last April. It was built at the Terada factory in 2009. It's fairly lightweight at 7.5 lbs, and very resonant. Jake Tuel of Burning River Guitars stripped the polyurethane and did a first rate nitro refin. It has a beautiful thin finish which has already begun to check very lightly. The binding is slightly yellowed and the back and sides are brown, like a vintage Jet. There was no artificial aging or relicing done to this guitar. An unbleached bone nut was installed and the stock ebony bridge base was replaced with a stained rosewood base, which is pinned. A stainless steel Tru Arc was also added. This P-90 Jet is now my #1 electric guitar. It sounds phenomenal and plays like a dream. It's one of those projects that turned out even better than expected.

Well done on the custom elements! Great looking Jet!

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