Gretsch-GEAR Tennesseans 6119 Tennessee Rose

1994 Gretsch 6119: 943119-9XX

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Rosa Red
Ebonized Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Vintage "Patent Number" FilterTron
Bigsby B-6C (V-cutout)

NONE!! She doesn't need any other than CRAZY light gauge strings!

Unusual factory features

Seems the headstock is a black on black sparkle finish. Never have seen another one like it. It was either a poor drying time between coats, or done purposely. I prefer to think it was the later!

Also, seems around the early 90's, the chrome plating on the Bigsby's left a lot to be desired. I have owned this guitar since '96, and even then the chrome was peeling and flaking. Now it's just part of it's look.

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Pawn shop find some 20+ years ago.

Walked into a chain pawn shop and asked if they had anything "cool" coming up for sale. Had one, but didn't know anything about it. Back then, before the vastness of the internet we know today, we had to rely on BOOKS! This particular chain store had a book they followed for all merchandise that came through the door. There were Gretsch drums in it, but not guitars. Needless to say, they bought the instrument for next to nothing, and worried it would never sell.

Well, it so happens they had been holding off putting it out for sale simply because they didn't know what to ask for it. Also, the employee who bought it was worried she over paid for it and would lose her job for making a bone-headed mistake.

Then here I come. They drag her out (in the original case mind you) and for a two year old guitar, the case looked to be well traveled and the guitar well played. I asked the obligatory, "How much?" to which the employee responded sheepishly, "I dunno? How about $300?"

I almost broke my arm getting my wallet out.

She came home that evening and has been with me ever since. I have an old hand-me-down Yamaha G-100A I do all my writing on, but there have been plenty written for the SOLE purpose of playing on the ol' Gretsch. Only bad thing is, she is the only guitar I have never named. She's simply referred to as "The Gretsch". That's not likely to change anytime soon either ;-)

Till then, she just keeps on pouring out the good vibes, crazy licks and AWESOME tone! Thank you Gretsch!!

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