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1963 Gretsch 6001: 562XX

Note: This guitar has been marked as needing help. This information may not be trustworthy.

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Flattop Acoustic
Unknown with None inlays
Rosewood Flattop
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Would like to share a story after we can find out more information about the guitar. It is a very unusual story, definitely not something told or heard every day!! Thanks for any help in advance!!

We are asking for any help in identifying the year and more details about this guitar if anyone can help. Please do not let the webmaster’s note pertaining to this example being unreliable dissuade anyone from answering. We are not musicians, and do not know anything more about this beautiful guitar than what we have provided. At this point in time, it is being evaluated at, in our opinion, a very reputable and reliable guitar professional who has confirmed it is a Gretsch. We are just looking for any additional information, as he is searching for details himself. Just want to know as much as possible… please help!!

Thanks for adding your guitar to our database! It is in fact a Hauser classical guitar design marketing by Gretsch. The serial number puts it in the 1964 model year, and it confirms one other I’ve documented from that range, so there were probably 50 made in the batch. This design was made for nylon or gut strings. It was never very popular but Grestch probably kept it in the line to fill out their guitar offering. You can research specifics in the catalog section of this site.…

Value would be reliant on condition. But even in excellent condition the collectibility of this model is relatively low, as Gretsch just wasn’t known for their excellence in acoustic guitars.

So let’s hear the story!

I can’t seem to post a photo of the 1961 Gretsch catalog page introducing the Hauser model(s) here for some reason. Let’s see if this link gets you there……

Nope… apparently it does not. But it does take you to the catalog. The Hauser listing is 13 pages in.

Well I guess the OP was correct about this guitar having a story that we don’t hear every day (or any day it appears). Such a tease! 8^)

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