Gretsch-GEAR Ranchers 5022-CWFE White Falcon Rancher

2014 Gretsch 5022-CWFE: IS14080358

Owned by
Body style
Flattop Acoustic
White/Gold Sparkle
Ebonized Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Piezo-Electric (bridge)
Rosewood Flattop

Changed nut and bridge to bone, which improved the sound a lot, replaced the bridge pins with better quality ones (the factory pins used to produce squeeking noises when the palm of the hand rubbed over them).

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I have always been a Falcon loonatic, since the day I saw Billy Duffy playing in my hometown, Linz/Austria. That was 1985. Since then I owned four Falcons from several periods, amongst them even a 1980 stereo model. Unfortunatly there was always something wrong. The stereo model was terrible to handle under live conditions and had a too thin neck, my 1989 Falcon was dropped by roadies which caused a broken neck (that never really could be repaired). Then I had a 1971 double cutaway Falcon that I used too much live. It fell slowly to bits and lost it's sound. 2008 I bought a georgeous and great sounding 6136 TLDS. But I didn't play it much, because the 17 inch body was too uncomfortable, so I sold it.

When I saw the first Falcon flattops, I didn't like them - too bulky. But when they had one in my local music store I sat down and played it. Next to the expensive Gibsons and Martins it sounded a bit different, but still interesting. I loved the neck shape, the sound and the handling - it felt so right! So each time I came to the store I used to pick it up and strummed around. Nobody would buy it for months. I felt sorry for it. That made me realize I had fallen in love with this guitar!

I bought it for a good price. The store owner was glad to see it go and I was happy to own it. I had to work on the piezo, because some strings would not be heard properly, changed the nut and bridge to bone and replaced the bridge pins. I bought a proper Gretsch case and have now a roadworthy, reliable electric-acoustic that I play nearly every day.

Update 2016.03.24: I have put washers (0,5mm) on every screw between scratchplate and the guitar's top. Now the top can resonate freely, you can hear the difference clearly! This should be done already in the factory - it helps the sound a lot.

Anyway - I have bought a Gretsch Bobtail resonator guitar recently, so the White Falcon Rancher had to go, but I'll always remember it! Now it is in Germany, at the Mosel river . . .

How happy are you with the guitar? Will you choose it over a Sierra Jumbo of you will choose the Sierra?

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