Gretsch-GEAR Ranchers 6012-AN Sweet Sixteen

2002 Gretsch 6012-AN: JTO 3032356-SG

Owned by
Body style
Flattop Acoustic
Smoke Green/Darker Smoke Green
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Piezo-Electric (bridge)
Rosewood Flattop

Somebody decided to mask the routed digits of the serial number by painting the rear of the headstock in black, giving the guitar a "stinger" look. The paint is not very thick, so maybe I will try to take it off one day.

As I use it on stage, I have added a Fishman Matrix Infinity piezo pickup.

Unusual factory features

The last three digits of the serial number on the back of the headstock have been removed. I have seen this also on photos of some other aniversary green 6012 models. I looks as if this was done professionally with a router. Fender USA answered on my request, that they have only 14 guitars recorded in this colour. They could not tell me why the serial number was partly routed and why all these models have the "Gretsch Historic Series" badge instead the usual badge from the professional series. A mystery!

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I fell in love with this model when I first saw a photo of it on the internet. They are so rare, I thought I'll never get one. Then one day, after I had been screening the web for some months, it was suddently on Ebay in US, because the guy who sold it needed money for his studies. It was that very guitar I had seen on the internet! The seller (actual Francis Smith, postdoctoral research fellow at University of Colorado Denver) writes now in Gretsch blogs that he wants it back. But it is a very good sounding guitar that I play a lot and I don't think I will part from it.

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