Gretsch-GEAR Anniversary models 6117-T-HT Anniversary

2013 Gretsch 6117-T-HT: JT13031015

Owned by
Gretschster 6117T-HT
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone with zero fret
Grover StaTite
Space Control
Bigsby B-6C (V-cutout)

Swapped out the Synchromatic Bridge for a Tru Arc Serpentune (Stainless steel)

Unusual factory features

This guitar has a 59’ trestle bracing. I clearly see it through the f-holes!

I have written to both to Fender and Fred Gretsch and asked them to update the feature description on their product web page since 2014 but they never have!

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The Guitar itself has no cool story. It is my third pro-line Gretsch! The first I purchased in 2002 was a G6122-1959 Nashville Classic (The name at the time I purchased it). In 2008 I brought it to a luthier to file the frets since I unfortunately kept the guitar in a dry environment for long periods of time. He scrapped the binding so I obliged him to buy it! Then I replaced it with Black 6120 the same year and I really loved that guitar! I had to sell it after some financial hardships! In 2014, I finally bought my 6117T-HT. I paid it $1870 CDN (before tax brand new in the box).

I’m seeing one of these in a store for around $3000 CDN, is that good?

Sorry I have not logged on for a very long time! I think it was in 2016 where Gretsch Proline’s went up 30%. My model has been discontinued since then but some can still be found new at crazy prices unfortunately!

I am never going to sell mine!

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